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Provinces are the first-level division within South Korea. Governors for these provinces are elected every four years.


A province (Hangul: ; Hanja: ) is the highest-ranked administrative divisions in South Korea. Provinces have equal status to the Korean special cities.

A special autonomous province (Hangul: 특별자치도; Hanja: 特別自治道) is a province with more autonomy over its economy and more powers are given to the provincial government. Jeju is the only special autonomous province.

List of provinces

Name Hangul Hanja ISO Population
(2011 est.)
Capital Region Abbreviation
North Chungcheong 충청북도 忠清北道 KR-43 1,588,633 7,433 213 Cheongju Hoseo Chungbuk 충북 忠北
South Chungcheong 충청남도 忠清南道 KR-44 2,064,665 8,204 251 Hongseong Hoseo Chungnam 충남 忠南
Gangwon 강원도 江原道 KR-42 1,549,780 20,569 75 Chuncheon Gwandong Gangwon 강원 江原
Gyeonggi 경기도 京畿道 KR-41 12,239,862 10,171 1,203 Suwon Sudogwon Gyeonggi 경기 京畿
North Gyeongsang* 경상북도 慶尙北道 KR-47 2,739,179 19,030 144 Daegu Yeongnam Gyeongbuk 경북 慶北
South Gyeongsang 경상남도 慶尙南道 KR-48 3,374,725 10,532 320 Changwon Yeongnam Gyeongnam 경남 慶南
Jeju 제주도 濟州道 KR-49 583,284 1,849 315 Jeju Jeju Jeju 제주 濟州
North Jeolla 전라북도 全羅北道 KR-45 1,895,882 8,043 236 Jeonju Honam Jeonbuk 전북 全北
South Jeolla 전라남도 全羅南道 KR-46 1,938,136 12257 163 Muan Honam Jeonnam 전남 全南

Note: Daegu is excluded because it is the capital but is not legally part of the province.

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