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Religion in Canada covers a wide range of beliefs. The majority (67%) of Canadians are Christians. Of that group Roman Catholics make up 34% of the population. Protestants make up about 27% of Canada's population. As of 2011 23.9% of Canadians reported they practiced no particular religion. Islam makes up the next largest religion with 3.2% of the population. Canada has no official religion. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms allows Canadians to practice any religion they wish to.

Minority religions

About 20% of Canadians were born somewhere else. immigrants have had an effect on Canada's changing religious makeup. Minority religions in Canada are growing in numbers. These include Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Judaism and Eastern Orthodox Christians. The first synagogue in Canada was built in Montreal in 1768. The first Canadian mosque was built in Edmonton in 1938.

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