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Millennium: 1st millennium
Centuries: 2nd century3rd century4th century
Decades: 230s  240s  250s  – 260s –  270s  280s  290s
Years: 257 258 259 – 260 – 261 262 263
The humiliation of Emperor Valerian (Hans Holbein the Younger, ca. 1521)

Year 260 (CCLX) was a leap year starting on Sunday of the Julian calendar.


By place

Roman Empire

  • Battle of Edessa: Emperor Valerian is defeated by the Persians.
  • Valerianus I has a meeting with Shapur to talk about peace. The truce is betrayed and he is taken prisoner for the rest of his life.
  • Shapur I sends Valerian to Bishapur. The Roman army builds the Band-e Kaisar (Bridge of Valerian).
  • Gallienus becomes the new emperor of Rome.
  • Gallienus leaves the fortifications in the Black Forest area because of invading Alamanni.
  • Gallienus lives at Mediolanum (modern Milan).
  • Postumus, Roman usurper, forms the Gallic Empire.
  • Saloninus, son of Gallienus, is made Augustus by his troops.
  • Postumus kills Saloninus. He is made emperor.
  • Postumus wins over all the Roman provinces west of the Alps, including Gaul, Britain and Hispania.
  • The Roman fort of Wiesbaden (Germany) is captured by the Alamanni.
  • The Franks take control over the Scheldt estuary (approximate date).


By topic

Arts and sciences

  • Earliest known date of chess.




  • Cao Mao, ruler of the Chinese Kingdom of Wei (killed in an abortive coup d'état against Sima Zhao) (b. 241)
  • Chen Tai, minister of the Kingdom of Wei
  • Saloninus, Roman emperor and son of Gallienus
  • Sun Liang, Emperor of the Chinese Kingdom of Wu (b. 243)
  • Valerianus I, Roman emperor (approximate date)

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