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Aga Khan II
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Religion Shia Islam
Denomination Isma'ilism
School Nizari Ismaili
Lineage Fatimid(direct descendant of Muhammad)
Born Aqa Ali Shah
Mahallat, Sublime State of Iran
Died 1885
Resting place Najaf, Ottoman Iraq
  • Maryam Sultana
  • Shams al-Muluk
  • Hasan Ali Shah (father)
  • Sarv-i Jahan Khanum (mother)
Senior posting
Title Aga Khan II
Predecessor Aga Khan I
Successor Aga Khan III
Religious career
Initiation 1881 - 1885
Post 47th Nizari Imām

Aga Khan II is the formal name for Aqa Ali Shah. He was born in 1830 in Mahallat, Iran and died in August 1885 in Pune, India).

He was a Muslim leader and was the 47th Imam of a religious group called Nizari Ismaili Muslimsin which he became the Imam in 1881. He was also a member of the Iranian royal family and worked to improve his own community and the Muslim community in India.


Aqa Ali Shah was the oldest son of Aga Khan I, an Iranian Prince and was also a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet's daughter Fatima and son-in-law Ali b. Abi Talib were Aqa Ali Shah's ancestors. He lived in Iraq, Persia, and India during his childhood.

Aqa Ali Shah became Imam of the Ismailis when his father died in 1881. He also got his father's title of Aga Khan. Aga Khan II continued a good relationship with the British. He opened several schools for his followers in Bombay and other places.

In 1885, Aqa Ali Shah contracted pneumonia. and died eight days later. He was buried in the family mausoleum in Najaf on the west bank of the Euphrates, near Kufa and the tomb of Imam Ali, one of the holiest places in the world for Shia Muslims. The mausoleum is also the resting place of Aqa Ali Shah's grandfather, Shah Khalil Allah, who was the forty-fifth Imam of the Nizari Ismailis, and for whom the mausoleum was first constructed.

He was succeeded by his son Sultan Muhammad Shah, who became Aga Khan III.

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