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Budden Canyon Formation
Stratigraphic range: Berriasian-Turonian
Type Geological formation
Unit of Great Valley Group
Sub-units Bald Hills, Chickabolly, Gas Point, Huling Sandstone & Ogo Members
Primary Mudstone, sandstone
Other Conglomerate, limestone
Coordinates 40°24′N 122°30′W / 40.4°N 122.5°W / 40.4; -122.5
Approximate paleocoordinates 40°30′N 78°30′W / 40.5°N 78.5°W / 40.5; -78.5
Region California
Country  United States
Type section
Named for Budden Canyon

The Budden Canyon Formation is the name of a sedimentary rock formation in California of Cretaceous (Berriasian-Turonian) age.

The formation consists of more than 20,000 feet of clastic sediments of non-marine (alluvial fan), shallow marine, slope and basin floor fan turbidites.

Fossil content

The formation is very fossiliferous with common macro-fossils, such as ammonites, gastropods, and bivalves found both in concretions and bedding planes, along with common petrified wood, woody material, and leaf and seed fossils. In addition to these are marine microfossils, including foraminifera and microgastropods. There are also rare vertebrate remains, including fish, pterosaurs, a dinosaur and marine turtles.

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