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Gupta Empire and its neighbours

The Gupta Empire was ruled by members of the Gupta dynasty from around 320 to 550 AD and covered most of North-central India, Gupta Empire (never included Pakistan); and what is now western India and Bangladesh. The time of the Gupta Empire is referred to as Golden Age of India in science, mathematics, astronomy, religion and philosophy. Historians place the Gupta dynasty alongside with the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty and Roman Empire as a model of a classical civilization.

Most probably the Guptas came from Bengal. At the beginning of the 4th century the Guptas ruled a few small Hindu kingdoms in Magadha and around modern-day Uttar Pradesh.

We get plenty of information about this dynasty through coins, inscriptions, monuments and Sanskrit writings. The Gupta rulers were great conquerors and good administrators. This brought on economic prosperity which led to cultural expansion. Gupta society was ordered in accordance with Hindu beliefs. This included a strict class system (varna system). A series of invasions weakened the empire, but many of their cultural and intellectual achievements were saved and transmitted to other cultures and live on today.

Gupta dynasty

The Gupta dynasty ruled the Gupta Empire of India, from around 320 to 550.

Some of its main rulers were:

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