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Jalal-ud-din Khalji
Maginary portrait of Sultan Firuz Khalji, Khwaja Hasan, and a dervish..jpg
Imaginary portrait of Sultan Firuz Khalji, Khwaja Hasan, and a dervish (c. 1640)
Sultan of Delhi
Reign 13 June 1290 – 19 July 1296
Coronation 13 June 1290
Predecessor Shamsuddin Kayumars
Successor Alauddin Khalji
Born Qalati Ghilji, Afghanistan
Died 19 July 1296
Kara, India
Spouse Malika-i-Jahan
Issue Khan-i-Khan (Mahmud)
Arkali Khan
Qadr Khan (later Sultan Ruknuddin Ibrahim)
Malika-i-Jahan (wife of Alauddin Khalji)
House Khalji
Religion Sunni Islam

Jalal-ud-din Khalji (r. 1290–1296; died 19 July 1296) was the founder and first Sultan of the Khalji dynasty that ruled the Delhi Sultanate from 1290 to 1320.

Originally named Firuz, Jalal-ud-din started his career as an officer of the Mamluk dynasty, and rose to an important position under Sultan Muizzuddin Qaiqabad. After Qaiqabad was paralyzed, a group of nobles appointed his infant son Shamsuddin Kayumars as the new Sultan, and tried to kill Jalal-ud-din. Instead, Jalal-ud-din had them killed, and became the regent. A few months later, he deposed Kayumars, and became the new Sultan.

As a Sultan, he repulsed a Mongol invasion, and allowed many Mongols to settle in India after their conversion to Islam. He captured Mandawar and Jhain from the Chahamana king Hammira, although he was unable to capture the Chahamana capital Ranthambore. During his reign, his nephew Ali Gurshasp raided Bhilsa in 1293 and Devagiri in 1296.

Jalal-ud-din, who was around 70 years old at the time of his ascension, was known as a mild-mannered, humble and kind monarch to the general public. During the first year of his reign, he ruled from Kilokhri to avoid confrontations with the old Turkic nobles of the imperial capital Delhi. Several nobles considered him as a weak ruler, and unsuccessfully attempted to overthrow him at different times. He meted out lenient punishments to the rebels, except in case of a dervish Sidi Maula, who was executed for allegedly conspiring to dethrone him. Jalal-ud-din was ultimately assassinated by his nephew Ali Gurshasp, who subsequently ascended the throne as Alauddin Khalji.

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