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Below is a list of covered bridges in Illinois. There are nine authentic covered bridges in the U.S. state of Illinois. Five of them are historic. A covered bridge is considered authentic not due to its age, but by its construction. An authentic bridge is constructed using trusses rather than other methods such as stringers, a popular choice for non-authentic covered bridges.



Name Image County Location Built Length Crosses Ownership Truss Notes
Captain Swift Covered Bridge Captain Swift Covered Bridge Bureau Princeton
41°22′44″N 89°29′52″W / 41.37889°N 89.49778°W / 41.37889; -89.49778 (Captain Swift Covered Bridge)
2007 Bureau Creek Burr
Jackson Covered Bridge Cumberland Greenup
39°14′20″N 88°11′14″W / 39.23889°N 88.18722°W / 39.23889; -88.18722 (Jackson Covered Bridge)
2000 200 feet (61 m) Embarras River Multiple king with arch
Mary's River Covered Bridge Mary's River Covered Bridge Randolph Chester
37°56′55″N 89°45′57″W / 37.94861°N 89.76583°W / 37.94861; -89.76583 (Mary's River Covered Bridge)
1854, restored 1954 and 2005 98 feet (30 m) Little Marys River Illinois DOT Burr
Oquawka Wagon Bridge Oquawka Wagon Bridge Henderson Oquawka
40°53′39″N 90°56′57″W / 40.89417°N 90.94917°W / 40.89417; -90.94917 (Oquawka Wagon Bridge)
1866, restored 1982 106 feet (32 m) Henderson Creek State of Illinois Burr Also called Allaman or Eames Bridge
Red Covered Bridge Red Covered Bridge Bureau Princeton
41°24′59″N 89°28′43″W / 41.41639°N 89.47861°W / 41.41639; -89.47861 (Red Covered Bridge)
1863 93 feet (28 m) Big Bureau Creek Illinois DOT Howe
Stickelback Covered Bridge Kendall Newark
41°35′9″N 88°35′20″W / 41.58583°N 88.58889°W / 41.58583; -88.58889 (Stickelback Covered Bridge)
2020 45 feet (14 m) Creek Town
Sugar Creek Covered Bridge Sugar Creek Covered Bridge Sangamon Chatham
39°38′25″N 89°39′43″W / 39.64028°N 89.66194°W / 39.64028; -89.66194 (Sugar Creek Covered Bridge)
1827 or 1880, restored 1965 58 feet (18 m) Sugar Creek Illinois DOT Multiple king with arch Also called Glenarm or Hedley Bridge
Thompson Mill Covered Bridge Thompson Mill Covered Bridge Shelby Cowden
39°15′30″N 88°49′5″W / 39.25833°N 88.81806°W / 39.25833; -88.81806 (Thompson Mill Covered Bridge)
1868 105 feet (32 m) Kaskaskia River Illinois DOT Howe Also called Dry Point Bridge
Wolf Covered Bridge Knox Haw Creek
40°51′24″N 90°6′36″W / 40.85667°N 90.11000°W / 40.85667; -90.11000 (Wolf Covered Bridge)
1999 102 feet (31 m) Spoon River Howe
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