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Flag of Greek Macedonia
The Macedonian flag.
Macedonia's location.

Macedonia is a historical and geographical region in northern Greece. It is the second most populous region of Greece and usually it is referred as Northern Greece along with Thrace. It is situated between the Pindus Mountains and river Nestos and it borders west with Epirus and Thessaly, northwestern with Albania, north with North Macedonia, northeastern with Bulgaria and east with Thrace. Its south coasts are washed by the Aegean Sea. Macedonia is separated in three smaller peripheries: West Macedonia, Central Macedonia and East Macedonia and Thrace. It has a total population of 2,424,765 inhabitants according to the 2001 census and its total area is 34,177 km². The capital of Macedonia is Thessaloniki and has a population of about 1,000,000 inhabitants. Macedonia's national anthem is Μακεδονία Ξακουστή which means Famous Macedonia.


Macedonia has many mountains and the tallest is Mount Olympus which has a high of 2,917 meters. There are also many valleys that are some of the biggest in the whole Greece. Rivers such as Aliakmon, Axios, Nestos, and Strymonas cross these valleys and drain into the Aegean Sea.

Prefectures and population

Macedonia consists 13 prefectures and sometimes it is said to be 14 because there is also a monastery region, Mount Athos, which is autonomous.

Map of Macedonia Number Periphery Capital Area Population
Macedonia greece prefectures.png
Total West Macedonia Kozani 9,451 km² 301,522
1 Kastoria Prefecture Kastoria 1,720 km² 53,483
2 Florina Prefecture Florina 1,924 km² 54,768
3 Kozani Prefecture Kozani 3,516 km² 155,324
4 Grevena Prefecture Grevena 2,291 km² 37,947
Total Central Macedonia Thessaloniki 18,811 km² 1,871,952
5 Pella Prefecture Edessa 2,506 km² 145,797
6 Imathia Prefecture Veria 1,701 km² 143,618
7 Pieria Prefecture Katerini 1,516 km² 129,846
8 Kilkis Prefecture Kilkis 2,519 km² 89,056
9 Thessaloniki Prefecture Thessaloniki 3,683 km² 1,057,825
10 Chalkidiki Prefecture Polygyros 2,918 km² 104,894
11 Serres Prefecture Serres 3.968 km² 200,916
Total East Macedonia (Part of East Macedonia and Thrace) Kavala 5,579 km² 249,029
12 Drama Prefecture (Part of the Drama–Kavala–Xanthi super-prefecture) Drama 3,468 km² 103,975
13 Kavala Prefecture (Part of the Drama–Kavala–Xanthi super-prefecture) Kavala 2,111 km² 145,054
- Mount Athos (Autonomous) Karyes 336 km² 2,262
Total 'Macedonia' Thessaloniki 34,177 km² 2,424,765

And the population of the largest towns:

Olympus Litochoro
View of Mount Olympus from the village Litochoro.
Panorama of Kastoria with its lake.
Towns/Cities Greek Name Population
01. Thessaloniki (municipality) Δήμος Θεσσαλονίκης 363,987
02. Kavala Καβάλα 63,293
03. Katerini Κατερίνη 56,434
04. Serres Σέρρες 56,145
05. Drama Δράμα 55,632
06. Kozani Κοζάνη 47,451
07. Veria Βέροια 47,411
08. Ptolemaida Πτολεμαΐδα 35,539
09. Giannitsa Γιαννιτσά 26,296
10. Kilkis Κιλκίς 24,812
11. Naousa Νάουσα 22,288
12. Aridaia Αριδαία 20,213
13. Alexandreia Αλεξάνδρεια 19,283
14. Edessa Έδεσσα 18,253
15. Nea Moudania Νέα Μουδανιά 17,032
16. Florina Φλώρινα 16,771
17. Kastoria Καστοριά 16,218
18. Grevena Γρεβενά 15,481
19. Polygyros Πολύγυρος 10,721
20. Skydra Σκύδρα 5,081

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