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View of Kozani.
View of Kozani.
Kozani is located in Greece
Location in Greece
Country Greece
Administrative region West Macedonia
Regional unit Kozani
Districts 20
 • Municipality 1,071.3 km2 (413.6 sq mi)
 • Municipal unit 366.0 km2 (141.3 sq mi)
710 m (2,330 ft)
 • Municipality
 • Municipality density 66.637/km2 (172.589/sq mi)
 • Municipal unit
 • Municipal unit density 147.21/km2 (381.28/sq mi)
 • Population 42,604 (2011)
 • Area (km2) 34.371
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+3 (EEST)
Area code(s) 2461
Vehicle registration KZ

Kozani is a city in northern Greece, capital of Kozani regional unit and of West Macedonia region. It is located in the western part of Macedonia, in the northern part of the Aliakmonas river valley.

The city lies 710 metres (2,329 feet) above sea level, 15 kilometres (9 miles) northwest of the artificial lake Polyfytos, south-west of Thessaloniki. The population of the Kozani municipality is over 70,000 people. The climate of the area is continental with cold and dry winters, and hot summers.

Kozani is the home of the Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia and the University of Western Macedonia, with about 15,000 students from all over Greece and other places. It is also the seat of West Macedonia's court of appeal, police department, fire brigade, the seat of the 1st Army Corps of the Hellenic Army and of the Bishop of Servia and Kozani.

One of the most important aspects of local folklore is Kozani's carnival at the end of the winter. Kozani is renowned in Greece and abroad for the production of Saffron in the nearby town of Krokos.

Kozani is a transport node between Central Macedonia, Thessaly and Epirus. The nearest airport is Filippos Airport. The airport was first opened in the mid-20th century. Kozani is situated near the Egnatia Highway, which connects the coast of the Ionian Sea with Thessaloniki and Turkish borders.

Kozani municipal stadium
Kozani municipal stadium


Women from Levkopigi Kozhani
Women from Kozani in costumes

Kozani carnival is one of the most important events in the region, taking place the end of the winter. The most interesting local celebration during the carnival are the Fanoi (great bonfires), which are lit in the squares of Kozani. Around them, people sing and dance. All celebrations become more exciting on the Sunday of the last week, after the carnival parade, when bonfires are lit all over the town which burn until the early morning hours.

At the end of summer Lassaneia Events are organised. They consist of theatrical representations, concerts, athletic events etc. The name "Lassaneia" comes from Georgios Lassanis, who was from Kozani and participated in the Greek War of Independence.

Macedonian Museums-5-Istor Laogr Kozanhs-25
Traditional costumes from all over Greece - Natural History Museum, Kozani

Niaimeros is a fair in the north of the city in the Niaimeros place. It takes place on the first Tuesday of October. It used to last 9 days (niaimeros = nine days), but now it lasts only 3 days.

Official local public holidays are the celebration for the liberation of the city from the Turks on 11 October and Saint Nicolas day - Kozani's patron - on 6 December.

The municipal Band is named Pandora. It was founded in 1902, and it takes part in all the events and celebrations.


Lake Polifytos Kozani Greece
Lake Polifytos
View of Kozani
View of Kozani
Macedonian Museums-2-Arx Kozanis-11
Exhibits at the yard from the Archaeological Museum, Kozani

A typical dish in Kozani is the so-called Giaprakia. The main ingredients are meat and rice in salty carbage-leaf, having the shape of an egg. It is used often as Christmas food. Kichi (Kozanitiko kichi) is called another local dish, which is actually a cheese pie with circular-snail form.

Sites of interest

  • The Archaeological Museum of Kozani
  • The Historical–Folklore and Natural History Museum of Kozani is a place worth visiting. It is built according to old Macedonian architecture, and in its 6 floors, visitors can see everything about the geography, natural history, flora and animals of the region, as well as the history, the traditions and the past way of life in Kozani
  • The Museum of Modern Local History of Kozani
  • The clock tower and the church of Agios Nikolaos - 350 years old - in Nikis Square
  • Other attractions include the Grigorios Vourkas Mansion and the Georgios Lassanis Mansion
  • The Municipal Park Kouri located in Agios Dimitrios where you can see the Cultural Center and the Municipal Theatre of Kozani, and the hill of Xenia with the nice view of all the city
  • The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle in Chromio, a museum dedicated to the history of the Macedonian Struggle
  • Polyphytos bridge crossing the artificial Polyphytos lake. With a length of 1,372 m (4,501 ft), it is the second longest bridge in Greece

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