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Map of Minnesota highlighting Cass County
Location of Cass County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Cass County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Cass County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 18 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. A supplementary list includes 3 additional sites that were formerly listed on the National Register.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Battle Point (21CA12)
Battle Point (21CA12)
August 17, 1990
6 mi (9.7 km) west of County Highway 8 on Leech Lake in Battleground State Forest
47°09′52″N 94°18′33″W / 47.164444°N 94.309167°W / 47.164444; -94.309167 (Battle Point (21CA12))
Leech Lake Indian Reservation Site of the 1898 Battle of Sugar Point, the last engagement between Native Americans and the U.S. military, which prompted changes in federal timber management. Also contains burials and archaeological resources from precontact Siouan and postcontact Ojibwe occupations.
2 Brainerd and Northern Minnesota–Minnesota and International Railway Depot
Brainerd and Northern Minnesota–Minnesota and International Railway Depot
August 1, 2012
102 Barclay Ave. W.
46°43′02″N 94°24′14″W / 46.71709°N 94.403973°W / 46.71709; -94.403973 (Brainerd and Northern Minnesota–Minnesota and International Railway Depot)
Pine River 1895 railway station that led to the establishment of Pine River on a major new logging route laid by the Brainerd and Northern Minnesota Railway.
3 Chase Hotel
Chase Hotel
June 4, 1980
329 Cleveland Ave.
47°06′12″N 94°35′00″W / 47.103404°N 94.583214°W / 47.103404; -94.583214 (Chase Hotel)
Walker 1922 example of the first-class resort hotels built in Cass County at the dawn of the automobile era.
4 Chippewa Agency Historic District
Chippewa Agency Historic District
May 22, 1973
Address restricted
Pillager vicinity Location of a key indian agency active 1851–1869, hub of the region's mid-19th-century activity. District also includes the sites of a prehistoric mound and village, an early road, the first logging camp on the Crow Wing River, and Hole in the Day's assassination in 1868.
5 Conservation Building
Conservation Building
January 15, 2003
205 Minnesota Ave.
47°06′05″N 94°34′42″W / 47.101425°N 94.578308°W / 47.101425; -94.578308 (Conservation Building)
Walker Unique example—built 1934–36—of the municipal facilities funded by New Deal federal relief programs, featuring a visitor center, wildlife museum, rock garden, and offices used by numerous New Deal services.
6 Crow Wing State Park
Crow Wing State Park
July 28, 1970
Off Minnesota Highway 371
46°16′39″N 94°20′40″W / 46.2775°N 94.344444°W / 46.2775; -94.344444 (Crow Wing State Park)
Pillager vicinity Long-used site at a key travel junction associated with the Dakota/Ojibwe territorial conflict and the early town of Old Crow Wing, whose abandonment in the 1880s uniquely preserves the succession of the Native American, fur trade, and logging eras. Extends into Crow Wing and Morrison Counties.
7 Great Northern Railway Company Bridge
Great Northern Railway Company Bridge
October 14, 1980
Southwest of Cass Lake off Minnesota Highway 371
47°16′07″N 94°37′40″W / 47.268637°N 94.627862°W / 47.268637; -94.627862 (Great Northern Railway Company Bridge)
Cass Lake vicinity Railroad bridge built circa 1915 with a swing section to accommodate lumber shipping on the Steamboat River, representing the interplay of the logging and railroad industries in northern Minnesota. Now carries the Heartland State Trail.
8 Gull Lake Mounds Site
Gull Lake Mounds Site
May 7, 1973
Gull Lake Recreation Area
46°24′43″N 94°21′05″W / 46.411944°N 94.351389°W / 46.411944; -94.351389 (Gull Lake Mounds Site)
Pillager vicinity Rare surviving mound group in a rapidly developing resort region, with 12 complete burial mounds dating from 800 BCE–200 CE and 500–900 CE.
9 Hole-in-the-Day House Site
Hole-in-the-Day House Site
June 19, 1973
Address restricted
Pillager vicinity Site of an early-1850s farmhouse built for prominent Ojibwe leader Hole in the Day (c. 1825–1868), who espoused strategic enculturation as a way to advance tribal interests.
10 Minnesota State Sanatorium for Consumptives
Minnesota State Sanatorium for Consumptives
July 25, 2001
7232 Ah-Gwah-Ching Rd., NW.
47°04′11″N 94°34′12″W / 47.069722°N 94.57°W / 47.069722; -94.57 (Minnesota State Sanatorium for Consumptives)
Walker vicinity Minnesota's most significant tuberculosis treatment center, also known as Ah-Gwah-Ching; in operation 1906–1962. Demolished in 2008.
11 Old Backus
Old Backus
December 24, 1974
Address restricted
Backus vicinity Long-used habitation site containing evidence of Late Woodland period seasonal villages, historical Ojibwe burials, a logging camp established in 1885, and the original townsite of Backus (abandoned in 1902).
12 Pine River to Woman Lake and Longville Stagecoach Road-Widow Lake Segment Historic District
Pine River to Woman Lake and Longville Stagecoach Road-Widow Lake Segment Historic District
November 12, 2014
Address restricted
Hackensack vicinity Only intact segment of an early road which, from 1890 to 1930, was an essential conduit in opening the area to logging, homesteading, and outdoor recreation.
13 Rice Lake Hut Rings
Rice Lake Hut Rings
August 14, 1973
Address restricted
Pillager vicinity Four large depressions thought to be remnants of Native American earth lodges from the Contact era or just prior.
14 Sherwood Forest Lodge Complex
Sherwood Forest Lodge Complex
June 16, 1980
County Highway 77
46°29′08″N 94°21′39″W / 46.485688°N 94.360918°W / 46.485688; -94.360918 (Sherwood Forest Lodge Complex)
Lake Shore Highly intact example of north-central Minnesota's early lake resorts, with a main lodge and 20 cabins built around 1929. Also noted for its finely crafted rustic architecture.
15 Soo Line Depot
Soo Line Depot
May 23, 1980
Off Main St.
47°03′25″N 93°55′06″W / 47.056864°N 93.91845°W / 47.056864; -93.91845 (Soo Line Depot)
Remer Circa-1910 railway station noted as a well-preserved example of the Soo Line's standard second-class depots and for its associations with the establishment and development of Remer.
16 South Pike Bay Site
South Pike Bay Site
January 22, 2014
South Pike Bay Campground, Chippewa National Forest
47°19′47″N 94°35′09″W / 47.329628°N 94.585783°W / 47.329628; -94.585783 (South Pike Bay Site)
Cass Lake vicinity Beach terraces on Cass Lake yielding extensive archaeological resources from repeated encampment during the Late Paleoindian/Early Archaic transition and again throughout the Woodland period.
17 Supervisor's Office Headquarters
Supervisor's Office Headquarters
January 31, 1976
200 Ash Ave. NW
47°22′45″N 94°36′51″W / 47.379282°N 94.614303°W / 47.379282; -94.614303 (Supervisor's Office Headquarters)
Cass Lake 1935 headquarters of Chippewa National Forest, significant for its chinkless log construction in traditional Scandinavian style and its association with the federal work relief projects of the New Deal.
18 Winnibigoshish Lake Dam
Winnibigoshish Lake Dam
May 11, 1982
County Highway 9 at the Mississippi River
47°25′47″N 94°03′04″W / 47.42959°N 94.051192°W / 47.42959; -94.051192 (Winnibigoshish Lake Dam)
Bena vicinity Dam built 1899–1900, associated with the first and largest of the reservoirs created in the region as a federal project to control the flow of the Upper Mississippi River. Extends into Itasca County.
19 Winnibigoshish Resort
Winnibigoshish Resort
May 23, 1980
1510 U.S. Route 2
47°20′44″N 94°12′31″W / 47.345535°N 94.208737°W / 47.345535; -94.208737 (Winnibigoshish Resort)
Bena Eye-catching 1933 gas station and motel complex, a rare well-preserved example of a business built to attract early highway travelers. Now the Big Winnie General Store and RV Park.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Julius Neils House
June 20, 1980
July 5, 2006
North 3rd Street
Cass Lake 1900 frame house of a lumber entrepreneur. Burned down in 2005.
2 Sixth Street Commercial Building
May 23, 1980
May 15, 1987
525 6th St.
Walker 1910 brick store. Demolished in 1985.
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