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Oubliette Mountain
Tonquin valley, Jasper National Park, Oubliette Mountain.jpg
Oubliette Mountain above Amethyst Lakes
Highest point
Elevation 3,070 m (10,070 ft)
Prominence 160 m (520 ft)
Parent peak Dungeon Peak (3129 m)
Listing Mountains of Alberta
Mountains of British Columbia
Location Alberta
British Columbia
Parent range Park Ranges
Canadian Rockies
Topo map NTS 83D/09
Age of rock Cambrian
Type of rock Quartzite
First ascent 1932 W.R. Hainsworth, M.M. Strumia, Hans Fuhrer

Oubliette Mountain is a 3,070-metre (10,072 ft) mountain summit located on the shared border of Jasper National Park in Alberta, and Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. Situated in the Tonquin Valley, Oubliette Mountain is part of The Ramparts in the Canadian Rockies. Its nearest higher peak is Dungeon Peak, 1.0 km (0.62 mi) to the northwest. Not coincidentally, an oubliette is a secret dungeon with access only through a trapdoor in its ceiling. The descriptive name was coined by Cyril G. Wates.


The first ascent was made in July 1932 by William Hainsworth and Max Strumia, with guide Hans Fuhrer.

The first ascent of the East Buttress was made July 27, 1962 by Fred Beckey, Brian Greenwood, and Don Gordon. This climbing route is included in Beckey's book titled "Fred Beckey's 100 Favorite North American Climbs".


Based on the Köppen climate classification, Oubliette Mountain is located in a subarctic climate with cold, snowy winters, and mild summers. Temperatures can drop below -20 °C with wind chill factors below -30 °C. In terms of favorable weather, July and August present the best months for climbing. However, these months coincide with mosquito season, which requires effective defenses. Precipitation runoff from Oubliette Mountain drains into tributaries of the Athabasca River on its east side, and the headwaters of the Fraser River from the west side.


Oubliette Mountain is composed of quartzite laid down during the Cambrian period. This rock was pushed east and over the top of younger rock during the Laramide orogeny.


The Ramparts in Tonquin Valley
The Ramparts in Tonquin Valley with trail pointed at Oubliette Mlountain
Sunrise and cloud shadows on the Tonquin Valley Ramparts
Sunrise and cloud shadows on the Tonquin Valley Ramparts. Oubliette (left), Dungeon Peak (middle), Redoubt Peak (right)
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