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Remembrance Driveway
New South WalesAustralian Capital Territory
Remembrance Driveway Marker.gif
General information
Type Road
Opened 5 February 1954 (1954-02-05)
Major junctions
ne end Macquarie Place
Sydney central business district
sw end Treloar Crescent
Australian War Memorial, Canberra
Highway system
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Road infrastructure in Canberra
Remembrance Driveway
Anzac Parade Canberra 2014-09-16.jpg
The Remembrance Driveway in Canberra, from a view on the steps of the Australian War Memorial.
Used for those deceased
Established 5 February 1954 (1954-02-05)
Location Between Macquarie Place, Sydney and the Australian War Memorial, Canberra

The Remembrance Driveway in Australia is a road and memorial system of arboreal parks, plantations, and road-side rest areas that provide a living memorial in honour of those who served in the Australian Defence Forces in World War II, the Korean War, Malayan Emergency and the Vietnam War, and who continue to serve around the world. The most prominent feature of the driveway are a series of rest areas dedicated in honour of the Australian Victoria Cross recipients from World War II onwards.


The northeastern terminus of the Remembrance Driveway is in Macquarie Place, Sydney, and follows the 320-kilometre (200 mi) Hume Highway, Hume Motorway, a small section of the Old Hume Highway, and Federal Highway between Sydney, the state capital of New South Wales, and Canberra, the national capital, where its southwestern terminus is at Remembrance Park, adjacent to the Australian War Memorial.

The Remembrance Driveway was instituted in 1954 when Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh marked the beginning of the Driveway by planting two plane trees in Macquarie Place.

Rest areas

The Victoria Cross rest areas and memorial parks sited along the Driveway honour the 24 Australian World War II and Vietnam War Victoria Cross winners.

Road State/Terr. Location Rest area name Established Coordinates Honouree Notes
Ash Road,
north of Camden Valley Way
NSW Prestons Sir Roden Cutler VC 2006 33°57′11″S 150°52′25″E / 33.9531°S 150.8737°E / -33.9531; 150.8737 Sir Roden Cutler VC, AK, KCMG, KCVO, CBE
Hume Motorway Menangle Partridge VC 2003 34°09′25″S 150°44′19″E / 34.1569°S 150.7385°E / -34.1569; 150.7385 Frank Partridge VC
Pheasants Nest Kenna VC 2012 34°14′47″S 150°39′30″E / 34.2464°S 150.6582°E / -34.2464; 150.6582 Edward Kenna VC
Hume Highway Sutton Forest Gordon VC 2001 34°32′07″S 150°16′53″E / 34.5352°S 150.2814°E / -34.5352; 150.2814 Jim Gordon VC
Moss Vale Mackey VC 2001 34°34′44″S 150°15′12″E / 34.5790°S 150.2534°E / -34.5790; 150.2534 Jack Mackey VC
Penrose Kingsbury VC 1995 34°37′10″S 150°12′48″E / 34.6195°S 150.2133°E / -34.6195; 150.2133 Bruce Kingsbury VC
Marulan Chowne VC 1997 34°44′11″S 149°49′49″E / 34.7365°S 149.8302°E / -34.7365; 149.8302 Albert Chowne VC, MM
Derrick VC 1999 34°44′38″S 149°53′13″E / 34.7438°S 149.8869°E / -34.7438; 149.8869 Tom Derrick VC, DCM
Yarra French VC 1996 34°47′13″S 149°38′23″E / 34.7870°S 149.6397°E / -34.7870; 149.6397 Jack French VC
Kibby VC 1996 34°48′56″S 149°36′15″E / 34.8155°S 149.6041°E / -34.8155; 149.6041 Bill Kibby VC
Federal Highway Collector Edmonson VC 1995 34°53′44″S 149°30′38″E / 34.8955°S 149.5106°E / -34.8955; 149.5106 John Edmondson VC
Gratwick VC 1996 34°54′42″S 149°26′34″E / 34.9118°S 149.4428°E / -34.9118; 149.4428 Percy Gratwick VC
Lake George Gurney VC 1995 34°59′59″S 149°22′57″E / 34.9996°S 149.3824°E / -34.9996; 149.3824 Stan Gurney VC
Badcoe VC 1998/99 35°02′07″S 149°22′40″E / 35.0352°S 149.3779°E / -35.0352; 149.3779 Peter Badcoe VC
Wheatley VC 1998/99 35°04′02″S 149°22′27″E / 35.0671°S 149.3742°E / -35.0671; 149.3742 Kevin Wheatley VC
Anderson VC 1998/99 35°06′03″S 149°22′36″E / 35.1008°S 149.3767°E / -35.1008; 149.3767 Charles Anderson VC, MC
Bwyong Middleton VC 1997 35°08′36″S 149°20′02″E / 35.1432°S 149.3339°E / -35.1432; 149.3339 Ron Middleton VC
Newton VC 1997 35°08′37″S 149°20′04″E / 35.1435°S 149.3344°E / -35.1435; 149.3344 Bill Newton VC
ACT Majura Edwards VC 2000 35°12′41″S 149°11′25″E / 35.2115°S 149.1903°E / -35.2115; 149.1903 Sir Hughie Edwards VC, KCMG, CB, DSO, OBE, DFC
Treloar Crescent Campbell, (AWM) Kelliher VC 2002 35°16′45″S 149°09′01″E / 35.2792°S 149.1503°E / -35.2792; 149.1503 Richard Kelliher VC
Rattey VC 2002 Reg Rattey VC
Simpson VC 2005 Ray Simpson VC, DCM
Starcevich VC 2005 Tom Starcevich VC
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