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Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Flag of NATO.svg
Flag of NATO
Jens Stoltenberg February 2015.jpg
Jens Stoltenberg

since 1 October 2014
Term length 4 years
Inaugural holder Hastings Ismay
March 24, 1952
Website Office of the Secretary General

The Secretary General of NATO (French: Secrétaire général de l'OTAN) is an international diplomat who serves as the chief civil servant of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The Secretary General is responsible for coordinating the workings of the alliance, leading NATO's international staff, chairing the meetings of the North Atlantic Council and most major committees of the alliance, with the notable exception of the NATO Military Committee, and acting as NATO's spokesperson.

The current Secretary General is Jens Stoltenberg, the former Prime Minister of Norway, who took office on 1 October 2014.

List of Secretaries General

# Secretary General Photo Nationality Took office Left office Length of term
1 Ismay, HastingsHastings Ismay Ismay cropped.jpg  United Kingdom March 24, 1952 May 16, 1957 j5 years
2 Spaak, Paul-HenriPaul-Henri Spaak Bundesarchiv Bild 183-39998-0427, Paul-Henri Spaak.jpg  Belgium May 16, 1957 April 21, 1961 g4 years
3 Stikker, DirkDirk Stikker Stikker, Dirk - SFA002019718.jpg  Netherlands April 21, 1961 August 1, 1964 e3 years
4 Brosio, ManlioManlio Brosio Manlio Brosio.PNG  Italy August 1, 1964 October 1, 1971 m7 years
5 Luns, JosephJoseph Luns Luns, J.M.A.H. - SFA008007314.jpg  Netherlands October 1, 1971 June 25, 1984 n13 years
6 Carrington, PeterPeter Carrington Peter Carington.PNG  United Kingdom June 25, 1984 July 1, 1988 ga4 years
7 Wörner, ManfredManfred Wörner Manfred Woerner 1993.jpg  Germany July 1, 1988 August 13, 1994 l6 years
Balanzino, SergioSergio Balanzino (acting) Sergio Balanzino.jpg  Italy August 13, 1994 October 17, 1994 c2 months
8 Claes, WillyWilly Claes Willy Claes - Filip Naudts.jpg  Belgium October 17, 1994 October 20, 1995 d1 year
Balanzino, SergioSergio Balanzino (acting) Sergio Balanzino.jpg  Italy October 20, 1995 December 5, 1995 b6 weeks
9 Solana, JavierJavier Solana Javier Solana 1999.jpg  Spain December 5, 1995 October 6, 1999 f4 years
10 Robertson, GeorgeGeorge Robertson George Robertson.jpg  United Kingdom October 14, 1999 December 17, 2003 i4 years
Minuto-Rizzo, AlessandroAlessandro Minuto-Rizzo (acting)  Italy December 17, 2003 January 1, 2004 a3 weeks
11 de Hoop Scheffer, JaapJaap de Hoop Scheffer Dehoopscheffercrop.jpg  Netherlands January 1, 2004 August 1, 2009 k5 years
12 Fogh Rasmussen, AndersAnders Fogh Rasmussen Former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen at the Nordic Council Session in Helsinki 2008-10-28.jpg  Denmark August 1, 2009 October 1, 2014 5 years
13 Stoltenberg, JensJens Stoltenberg Jens Stoltenberg 2009-06-03 (bilde 02).JPG  Norway October 1, 2014 Incumbent

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