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Norway Spruce (Picea abies)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pinophyta
Class: Pinopsida
Order: Pinales
Family: Pinaceae
Genus: Picea
Picea sitchensis2
Sitka Spruce cone

Spruce are trees of the genus Picea, a genus of about 35 species of coniferous evergreen trees in the Family Pinaceae, found in the northern temperate and taiga regions of the earth.

Spruces are large trees, from 20–60 (–95) m tall when mature, and can be distinguished by their conical form and their needles, that are attached singly to the branches in a spiral fashion. The needles are shed when 4–10 years old.


  • Picea abies Norway Spruce. Europe; important in forestry. The original Christmas tree.
  • Picea asperata Dragon Spruce. Western China; several varieties.
  • Picea meyeri Meyer's Spruce. Northern China.
  • Picea koraiensis Korean Spruce. Korea, northeast China.
  • Picea koyamae Koyama's Spruce. Japan (mountains).

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