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Laverne Cox by Sachyn Mital
Actress Laverne Cox who is trans in July 2014

Transgender is a term used to describe people who may act, feel, think, or look different from the sex they were assigned at birth.


Alexander makovski boy with doll
The child in this painting appears as a boy holding a doll. Some children who behave in ways uncommon for their assigned gender turn out to be transgender, while others do not.

The word "transgender" may describe many different people. People with different ideas about their genders may think of themselves as transgender. These people use different words to describe their gender. The term "trans people" is often used as a short version of "transgender people".

Some common definitions of the words used in this article are listed here:

  • Anatomical (biological) means whether someone was born with a male or female body.
  • Cisgender is an antonym of transgender and means a person who identifies as the gender they were assigned at birth
  • Gender is the way masculinity and femininity are seen or used by all people
  • Gender expression is how a person behaves or acts in ways that affect how others might view them as being male or female.
  • Gender identity is a person's sense in their mind of whether they are a man, woman, something else or neither (agender).
  • The gender binary is the idea that a person must be either male or female and that there is no other gender other than those two.
  • Gender role is society's view of how people should act because of their gender

These definitions are important to help understand that what people look like outside is not always the same as how they feel inside (gender). Some people do not fit into the gender binary.

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