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Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic

Українська Радянська Соціалістична Республіка
Украинская Советская Социалистическая Республика
Flag of UkraineUkrainian SSR
State Emblem of UkraineUkrainian SSR
State Emblem
Motto: Пролетарі всіх країн, єднайтеся!  (Ukrainian)
Proletari vsikh krayin, yednaitesia!  (transliteration)
"Workers of the world, unite!"
Anthem: Державний гімн Української Радянської Соціалістичної Республіки  (Ukrainian)
Derzhavnyy himn Ukrayins'koyi Radyans'koyi Sotsialistychnoyi Respubliky  (transliteration)
"National Anthem of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic"
The Ukrainian SSR as part of the Soviet Union.
The Ukrainian SSR as part of the Soviet Union.
Capital Kharkiv (1919–1934)
Kiev (1934–1991)
Common languages Ukrainian, Russian
Government Socialist republic
Head of party  
• 1918–1919
Emanuel Kviring (first)
• 1990–1991
Stanislav Hurenko (last)
Head of government  
• 1919–1923
Christian Rakovsky (first)
• 1988–1991
Vitold Fokin (last)
Head of state  
• 1919–1938
Grigory Petrovsky (first)
• 1990–1991
Leonid Kravchuk (last)
Legislature Verkhovna Rada
Historical era Russian Civil War, WWII, Cold War
• Republic declared
10 March 1919
• Admitted to USSR
30 December 1922
• Annexation of Western Ukraine
15 November 1939
24 October 1945
• Independence Act
24 August 1991
• Formalised
25 December 1991
1989 census 603,700 km2 (233,100 sq mi)
• 1989 census
Currency Soviet karbovanets
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Second Polish Republic
Crimean Oblast
Ukrainian People's Republic
Soviet occupation of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina
Medals: Leninorder.jpg Order of Lenin Hero of the USSR.png Four Hero cities

The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic or in short, the Ukrainian SSR or Soviet Ukraine was a sovereign Soviet Socialist state. It was one of the fifteen republics of the Soviet Union. This lasted from 1922 to 1991.

The Ukrainian SSR was a founding member of the United Nations. It did not really have much power because it was tightly controlled by Moscow authorities. When the Soviet Union broke apart, the Ukrainian SSR became Ukraine.

During its 72-year history, the republic's borders changed many times. The eastern city of Kharkiv was the republic's first capital. However, in 1934, it was moved to the city of Kiev. Kiev is still the capital of Ukraine.

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