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Millennium: 2nd millennium
Centuries: 14th century15th century16th century
Decades: 1420s  1430s  1440s  – 1450s –  1460s  1470s  1480s
Years: 1448 1449 145014511452 1453 1454


  • February 3 – Murad II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire dies and is succeeded by his son Mehmed II.
  • April 11 – Celje acquires market-town status and town rights by orders from the Celje count Frederic II.
  • June 30 – French troops under the Comte de Dunois invade Guyenne and capture Bordeaux
  • August 20 – The French capture Bayonne, the last English stronghold in Guyenne
  • Foundation of the University of Glasgow
  • Nicholas of Cusa invents concave lens spectacles to treat myopia
  • Roger van der Weyden paints his Last Judgement
  • Lodi dynasty succeeded the Sayyid dynasty in India


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