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Ragtime banjo by Vess L. Ossman Columbia Records, 1910

Published popular music

  • "Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life" w. Rida Johnson Young m. Victor Herbert. From the operetta Naughty Marietta
  • "Alexander and His Clarinet" w. Irving Berlin m. Ted Snyder
  • "All Aboard For Blanket Bay" w. Andrew B. Sterling m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "All That I Ask Of You Is Love" w. Edgar Selden m. Herbert Ingraham
  • "Alma, Where Do You Live?" w. George V. Hobart m. Adolph Philipp
  • "Angel Eyes" w. Alfred Bryan m. James Kendis & Herman Paley
  • "Angels" w.m. Irving Berlin
  • "Any Little Girl, That's a Nice Little Girl, is the Right Little Girl For Me" w. Thomas J. Gray m. Fred Fisher
  • "Back To My Old Home Town" w.m. Nora Bayes & Jack Norworth
  • "A Banjo Song" by Howard Weeden
  • "The Big Bass Viol" w.m. M. T. Bohannon
  • "The Birth of Passion" w. Otto Harbach m. Karl Hoschna. From the musical Madame Sherry.
  • "Bring Back My Lena To Me" w.m. Irving Berlin & David Andrew Noll
  • "By The Saskatchewan" w. C. M. S. McLellan m. Ivan Caryll
  • "Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon" w.m. Irving Berlin
  • "Caprice Viennois" m. Fritz Kreisler
  • "The Chanticleer Rag" w. Edward Madden m. Albert Gumble
  • "The Chicken Reel" m. Joseph M. Daly
  • "Cloud-Chief" m. J. Ernest Philie.
  • "Come Josephine In My Flying Machine" w. Alfred Bryan m. Fred Fisher
  • "Come To The Ball" w. Adrian Ross m. Lionel Monckton
  • "Constantly" w. Chris Smith m. James Henry Burris
  • "Day Dreams, Visions Of Bliss" w. Harry B. Smith & Robert B. Smith m. Heinrich Reinhardt
  • "Dear Mayme, I Love You!" Irving Berlin & Ted Snyder
  • "Doctor Tinkle Tinker" by Otto Harbach
  • "Don't Wake Me Up, I'm Dreaming" w. Beth Slater Whitson m. Herbert Ingraham
  • "Down By The Old Mill Stream" w.m. Tell Taylor
  • "Dreams, Just Dreams" Irving Berlin & Ted Snyder
  • "Every Little Movement" w. Otto Harbach m. Karl Hoschna
  • "Gee But It's Great To Meet A Friend From Your Old Home Town" w. William Tracey m. James Mc Gavisk
  • "Goodbye Rose" w. Addison Burkhart m. Herbert Ingraham
  • "Grizzly Bear" w.m. George Botsford & Irving Berlin
  • "Herman Let's Dance That Beautiful Waltz" Irving Berlin & Ted Snyder
  • "How Can You Love Such A Man?" Berlin
  • " I Feel So Lonely" w.m. Bert Lee. Introduced by Fred Allandale in the musical The Islander
  • "I'd Love To Live In Loveland" w.m. W. R. Williams (Rossiter)
  • "If He Comes In I'm Going Out" w. Cecil Mack m. Chris Smith
  • "If I Was A Millionaire" w. Will D. Cobb m. Gus Edwards
  • "I'm Falling In Love With Someone" w. Rida Johnson Young m. Victor Herbert
  • "I'm Henery the Eighth" w.m. Fred Murray & R. P. Weston
  • "In The Shadows" w. E. Ray Goetz m. Herman Finck
  • "Is There Anything Else I Can Do For You?" w.m. Irving Berlin & Ted Snyder
  • "Italian Street Song" w. Rida Johnson Young m. Victor Herbert
  • "I've Got The Time I've Got The Place But It's Hard To Find The Girl" w. Ballard MacDonald m. S. R. Henry
  • "Joshua" w.m George Arthurs & Bert Lee
  • "Kiss Me, My Honey, Kiss Me" w. Irving Berlin m. Ted Snyder
  • "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" w. Beth Slater Whitson m. Leo Friedman
  • "Let Me Live And Stay In Dixieland" w.m. Elizabeth Brice & Charles King
  • "Liebesfreud" m. Fritz Kreisler
  • "Liebeslied" m. Fritz Kreisler
  • "Life Is Only What You Make It After All" w. Edgar Smith m. A. Baldwin Sloane
  • "Macushla" w. Josephine V. Rowe m. Dermot MacMurrough
"The Maiden with the Dreamy Eyes", with photo of Anna Held, from Library of Congress
  • "Maiden with the Dreamy Eyes" w. J. W. Johnson m. Bob Cole
  • "Morning" w. Frank Lebby Stanton m. Oley Speaks
  • "Mother Machree" w. Rida Johnson Young m. Ernest R. Ball & Chauncey Olcott
  • " 'Neath The Southern Moon" w. Rida Johnson Young m. Victor Herbert. From the operetta Naughty Marietta.
  • "Nora Malone" w. Junie McCree m. Albert Von Tilzer
  • "Oh How That German Could Love" w.m. Irving Berlin & Ted Snyder
  • "Oh That Beautiful Rag" w. Irving Berlin m. Ted Snyder
  • "On Mobile Bay" w. Earl C. Jones m. Neil Moret
  • "A Perfect Day" w.m. Carrie Jacobs-Bond
  • "Plant A Watermelon On My Grave And Let The Juice Soak Through" w.m. Frank Dumont & R. P. Lilly
  • "Play That Barbershop Chord" w. Ballard MacDonald & William Tracey m. Lewis F. Muir
  • "Put On Your Ta-Ta Little Girlie" w.m. Fred Leigh
  • "Put Your Arms Around Me Honey" w. Junie McCree m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "Red Pepper: A Spicy Rag" m. Henry Lodge
  • "Silver Bell" w. Edward Madden m. Percy Wenrich
  • "Silver Star" m. Charles L. Johnson
  • "Some Of These Days" w.m. Shelton Brooks
  • "Spaghetti Rag" m. George Lyons & Bob Yosco
  • "Steamboat Bill" w. Ren Shields m. Bert Leighton & Frank Leighton
  • "Stein Song (Maine)" w. Lincoln Colcord m. E. A. Fenstad
  • "Stop, Stop, Stop (Come Over And Love Me Some More)" w.m. Irving Berlin
  • "Sweet Italian Love" Irving Berlin, Ted Snyder
  • "Tambourin Chinois" m. Fritz Kreisler
  • "Telling Lies" Irving Berlin, Henrietta Blanke-Belcher
  • "That Minor Strain" w. Cecil Mack m. Ford Dabney
  • "That Opera Rag" Irving Berlin, Ted Snyder
  • "That's Why They Call Me "Shine"" w. Cecil Mack m. Ford Dabney
  • "Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!" w. Rida Johnson Young m. Victor Herbert
  • "Two Little Love Bees" w. Harry B. Smith & Robert B. Smith m. Heinrich Reinhardt
  • "Under The Yum Yum Tree" w. Andrew B. Sterling m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "Vissi D'Arte" Giacossa, Illica, Puccini
  • "Washington And Lee Swing" w. Thornton W. Allen & C. A. Robbins m. Thornton W. Allen & M. W. Sheafe
  • "What's The Matter With Father?" w. Harry H. Williams m. Egbert Van Alstyne
  • "Who Are You With Tonight?" w. Harry Williams m. Egbert Van Alstyne
  • "You Are The Ideal Of My Dreams" w.m. Herbert Ingraham

Classical music


Musical theater

  • The Balkan Princess London production opened at the Prince of Wales Theatre on February 19 and ran for 176 performances
  • The Chocolate Soldier (Rudolf Friml) - London production opened at the Lyric Theatre on September 10 and ran for 500 performances
  • The Islander London production opened at the Apollo Theatre on April 23 and ran for 114 performances
  • The Jolly Bachelors Broadway production opened at the Broadway Theatre on January 6 and ran for 165 performances
  • Die keusche Susanne (m. Jean Gilbert) opened in Magdeburg
  • Madame Sherry Broadway production opened at the New Amsterdam Theatre on August 30 and ran for 231 performances
  • Naughty Marietta (Rida Johnson Young and Victor Herbert) - Broadway production opened at the New York Theatre on November 7 and ran for 136 performances
  • Our Miss Gibbs Broadway production opened at the Knickerbocker Theatre on August 29 and ran for 64 performances
  • The Quaker Girl (Music: Lionel Monckton Lyrics: Adrian Ross & Percy Greenbank Book: James T. Tanner). London production opened at the Adelphi Theatre on November 5 and ran for 536 performances. Starring Gertie Millar, Joseph Coyne and C. Hayden Coffin.
  • The Satyr London production
  • Tillie's Nightmare Broadway production opened at the Herald Square Theatre on May 5 and was revived at the Manhattan Opera House on December 18, 1911 for a total run of 85 performances
  • Up and Down Broadway Broadway revue opened at the Casino Theatre on July 18 and ran for 72 performances
  • The Yankee Girl Broadway production opened at the Herald Square Theatre on February 10 and ran for 92 performances
  • Zigeunerliebe Vienna production opened at the Carltheater on January 8


  • January 8 - Fabian Andre, composer (d. 1960)
  • January 23 - Django Reinhardt, guitarist (d. 1953)
  • February 3 - Blas Galindo Dimas, Mexican composer (d. 1993?)
  • February 25 - Winifred Shaw, US actress, singer and dancer (d. 1982)
  • March 9 - Samuel Barber, composer (d. 1981)
  • March 11 - Nicola Salerno, Italian lyricist (d. 1969)
  • March 15 - Anna-Lisa Björling, operatic soprano (d. 2006)
  • March 27 - Manfred Bukofzer, German-American musicologist (d. 1955)
  • April 14 - Werner Wolf Glaser, Swiss composer (d. 2006)
  • April 26 - Erland von Koch, Swedish composer (d. 2009)
  • April 30 - Levi Celerio, songwriter (d. 2002)
  • May 8 - Mary Lou Williams, US jazz pianist and composer (d. 1981)
  • May 12 - Gordon Jenkins, US songwriter, conductor and pianist (d. 1984)
  • May 12 - Giulietta Simionato, Italian mezzo-soprano (d. 2010)
  • May 13 - Cleavant Derricks, gospel songwriter (d. 1977)
  • May 23 - Artie Shaw, US bandleader (d. 2004)
  • May 28 - T. Bone Walker, blues musician (d. 1975)
  • June 4 - Anton Dermota, operatic tenor (d. 1989)
  • June 10 - Howlin' Wolf, blues singer and musician (d. 1976)
  • June 17 - H. Owen Reed, conductor and composer
  • June 18 - Ray McKinley, US drummer, singer and bandleader (d. 1995)
  • June 29 - Frank Loesser, US songwriter (d. 1969)
  • July 10 - Rafael Cepeda, folk musician (d. 1996)
  • July 15 - Ronald Binge, British composer (d.1973)
  • July 18 - Lou Busch, US arranger and composer aka Joe "Fingers" Carr (died 1979)
  • August 1 - Walter Scharf, film composer (died 2003)
  • August 7 - Freddie Slack, US pianist, composer and bandleader (d. 1965)
  • August 12 - Heinrich Sutermeister, Swiss composer (d. 1995)
  • August 17 - Erkki Aaltonen, composer (d. 1990)
  • August 24 - Tunde King, Nigerian singer and instrumentalist, originator of Jùjú music (d. c.1980)
  • September 3 - Kitty Carlisle, US actress and singer (d. 2007)
  • September 12 - Shep Fields, bandleader (d. 1981)
  • September 29 - Virginia Bruce, actress and singer (d. 1982)
  • October 1 - André Dumortier, pianist (d. 2004)
  • October 13 - Otto Joachim, composer (d. 2010)
  • November 22 - Ethel Smith, organist (d. 1996)
  • December 7 - Louis Prima, musician, singer (d. 1978)
  • December 10 - John H. Hammond, record producer (d. 1987)


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