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Cardinal seventy-six
Ordinal 76th
Factorization 22× 19
Divisors 1, 2, 4, 19, 38, 76
Greek numeral ΟϚ´
Roman numeral LXXVI
Binary 10011002
Ternary 22113
Senary 2046
Octal 1148
Duodecimal 6412
Hexadecimal 4C16

76 (seventy-six) is the natural number following 75 and preceding 77.

In mathematics

76 is:

  • a Lucas number.
  • a telephone or involution number, the number of different ways of connecting 6 points with pairwise connections.
  • a nontotient.
  • a 14-gonal number.
  • a centered pentagonal number.
  • an Erdős–Woods number since it is possible to find sequences of 76 consecutive integers such that each inner member shares a factor with either the first or the last member.
  • an automorphic number in base 10. It is one of two 2-digit numbers whose square, 5,776, and higher powers, end in the same two digits. The other is Template:Num.

There are 76 unique compact uniform hyperbolic honeycombs in the third dimension that are generated from Wythoff constructions.

In science

In other fields

Bennington Flag
The Bennington Flag features the number 76.

Seventy-six is also:

  • In colloquial American parlance, reference to 1776, the year of the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence.
  • Seventy-Six, an 1823 novel by American writer John Neal.
  • The Spirit of '76, patriotic painting by Archibald MacNeal Willard.
  • A brand of ConocoPhillips gas stations, 76.
  • The number of trombonists leading the parade in "Seventy-Six Trombones," from Meredith Willson's musical The Music Man.
  • The 76ers, a professional basketball team based in Philadelphia.
  • 76, the debut album of Dutch trance producer and DJ Armin van Buuren.
  • Years like 1876 and 1976

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