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Anglo-Dutch Wars
Van Soest, Attack on the Medway.jpg
Dutch attack on the Medway during the Second Anglo-Dutch War by Pieter Cornelisz van Soest, c. 1667.
Date 1652–54
Result Dutch domination of world trade until 1713.
 Dutch Republic
Denmark Denmark–Norway
Commanders and leaders
Dutch Republic Michiel de Ruyter
Dutch Republic Maarten Tromp
England The Duke of York
England Robert Blake
Kingdom of France Louis XIV
Kingdom of France Jean II d'Estrées
Dutch Republic
600 warships
1,500 Marines
50 soldiers
Fortress, 250 soldiers
650 warships
300 soldiers
60 ships
Casualties and losses
Dutch Republic
56 warships lost
20 warships captured
10,150 dead
20,000 wounded
2,500 captured
8 dead
10 civilians killed
40 warships lost
18 warships captured
13,310 dead
25,000 wounded
2,000 captured
400 killed

The Anglo-Dutch Wars ([Engels–Nederlandse Oorlogen or Engelse Zeeoorlogen] Error: {{Lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)) were a series of wars fought between the English and the Dutch during the 17th and 18th centuries. The two nations fought for control over trade routes on the seas. All of the wars were mostly fought by the countries' navies.

The First War (1652–1654) took place during the Interregnum in England, the period after the Civil War when England did not have a king or queen. The war was fought between the navies of England and the Dutch Republic (also known as the United Provinces). It mainly took place in the English Channel and the North Sea. It ended with the English Navy gaining control of these seas and a monopoly over trade with the English colonies.

The second (1665–1667) and third (1672–1674) wars happened after the English Restoration of the monarchy. England tried to end the Dutch monopoly over world trade. Most of the fighting in both wars was done in the North Sea. In the Third War, England fought alongside France. Both of these wars ended in strong victories for the Dutch. They confirmed the Dutch Republic's position as the leading maritime power of the 17th century.

The Fourth War (1780–1784) took place after the Acts of Union in Britain, and involved the Dutch Republic and the Kingdom of Great Britain. It mainly started because Britain disagreed with the Dutch trading with the United States during the American Revolutionary War. The war ended with the Treaty of Paris (1784). It ended with a very bad defeat for the Dutch. They lost parts of their Dutch Empire.

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