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The Arctic Lands is a physiographic region in northern Canada. It is one of Canada's seven physiographic regions, which is divided into three divisions—the Innuitian region, Arctic Coastal Plain, and Arctic Lowlands.

Physiographic region

The Arctic Lands is a physiographic region, which is divided into three divisions—Innuitian Region, Arctic Coastal Plain, and Arctic Lowlands. Each physiographic region, subregion and division has its own subregions and divisions—distinguished by topography and geology. This map shows the location of these physiographic regions, including their subregions and divisions. The other physiographic regions are the Canadian Shield, the Hudson Bay Lowland, the Arctic Lands, the Interior Plains, the Cordillera, and the Appalachian Uplands.

Innuitian region

There are two mountain zones in the Innuitian Region. In between lie a vast terrain where the topography consists of "plateaus, uplands and lowlands."

Arctic Coastal Plain

The Arctic Coastal Plain includes three divisions—Island Coastal Plain, Mackenzie Delta, and the Yukon Coastal Plain, each distinguished by physiographic characteristics.

Arctic Lowlands

The Lancaster Plateau, Foxe Plain, Boothia Plain, Victoria Lowland, and Shaler Mountains comprise the Arctic Lowlands. This includes parts of Ellesmere Island, Devon Island, Somerset Island, the Brodeur Peninsula, and Baffin Island.|

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