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An 'arsenal' is a place where guns and ammunition are made, repaired or stored.

Some arsenals include:

  • The Kiev Arsenal factory in Kiev, Ukraine, which gave its name to the Kiev Arsenal mutiny of 1918 (also known as the January Rebellion).
  • The Arsenal in the Moscow Kremlin.
  • L'Arsenal, now a quarter in Paris.
  • The Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, Illinois, United States.
  • The Warsaw Arsenal
  • The Woolwich Arsenal, London, UK.
  • The Venetian Arsenal, Venice, Italy.
  • Arsenal, Arkansas
  • Arsenal de l'Aéronautique, French military aircraft manufacturer

Several places, landmarks and buildings have been named after arsenals:

Arsenal is used in the name of several football clubs:

In arts, music and culture, Arsenal can refer to:

  • Arsenal, a Ukrainian film from 1928.
  • The Arsenal Stadium Mystery a British murder mystery film from 1939.
  • Your Arsenal, a 1992 album by Morrissey.
  • Arsenal of Megadeth, a compilation album by Megadeth.
  • In comic books, Arsenal is an alias of Roy Harper, the original Speedy (sidekick to Green Arrow).
  • The "Arsenal of Democracy" is a famous fireside chat by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940.
  • "The Arsenal of Freedom", an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Arsenal (band) is the name of a Belgian music band.
  • Arsenal (Chicago band), another band.

There are also several man-made objects with Arsenal in their name:

  • The Arsenal, an automobile manufactured in the late 1890s.
  • The Arsenal VG-33, a WW2 French fighter aircraft.
  • Kiev-Arsenal (photo camera) a Soviet brand of camera manufactured by the Arsenal Factory in Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Arsenal Shipka, a Bulgarian submachinegun.
  • Arsenal Gear, a fictional weapon in the video game Metal Gear Solid 2

Railway stations with Arsenal in their name include:

Companies with Arsenal in its name include:

  • Arsenal Real Estate Funds, LLC

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