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Charles IV le Bel
Charles IV

Charles IV (18/19 June 1294 – 1 February 1328), was the King of France and Navarre (as Charles I) and Count of Champagne from 1322 to his death. Charles IV the last French king of the old Capetian line. He was crowned King of France in 1322 at the cathedral in Reims.

During his six years as king Charles IV raised taxes and took away land from people he did not like. In 1323 he made the Jews leave France because people thought they made secret plans with lepers and Muslims, although they did not really do those things.

Charles died without a son so there were questions about who would be the next king. He had two daughters, but the Salic law said daughters could not rule. Edward III of England then believed he had the right to become the new king of France, that was the beginning of the Hundred Years' War.

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