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Many of New Zealand's birds are endemic to the country, that is, they are not found in any other country. Endemic species differ to native or indigenous species, in that native / indigenous species have generally, and historically, migrated to a region or country and become established over a long period of time, whereas endemic species, essentially have only ever inhabited the region or country they were first discovered in. Approximately 71% of the bird species breeding in New Zealand before humans arrived are widely accepted as being endemic.

Endemic bird areas

BirdLife International has defined the following Endemic Bird Areas (EBAs) in New Zealand:

In addition the following are classified as secondary areas:

  • Antipodes Islands
  • Snares Islands and Stewart Island/Rakiura islets

Secondary areas have at least one restricted-range bird species, but do not meet the criteria for EBAs.

List of species

This is a list of bird species endemic to New Zealand, along with their conservation status:

North Island brown kiwi
  • Antipodes Island parakeet- Vulnerable
  • Auckland Island shag- Vulnerable
  • Auckland rail- Vulnerable
  • Auckland teal- Vulnerable
  • Banded dotterel- Least concern
  • Bellbird (korimako)- Least concern
  • Black robin- Endangered
  • Black stilt (kaki)- Critically endangered
  • Black-billed gull- Endangered
  • Black-fronted tern- Endangered
  • Blue duck (whio)- Endangered
  • Bounty Island shag- Vulnerable
  • Brown teal (pāteke)- Endangered
  • Campbell Island shag- Vulnerable
  • Campbell snipe
  • Campbell teal- Endangered
  • Chatham Island oystercatcher- Endangered
  • Chatham Island shag- Critically endangered
  • Chatham Island snipe- Vulnerable
  • Chatham Island warbler- Least concern
  • Chatham parakeet- Endangered
  • Fernbird (matata)- Least concern
  • Fiordland crested penguin (tawaki)- Vulnerable
  • Foveaux shag- Vulnerable
  • Great spotted kiwi- Vulnerable
  • Grey warbler (riroriro)- Least concern
  • Kaka- Endangered
  • Kakapo- Critically endangered
  • Kea- Vulnerable
  • King shag- Vulnerable
  • Little spotted kiwi- Near threatened
  • Long-tailed cuckoo (koekoea)- Least concern
  • Malherbe's parakeet (orange-fronted parakeet)- Critically endangered
  • New Zealand dotterel- Endangered
  • New Zealand falcon- Near threatened
  • New Zealand grebe (weweia)- Vulnerable
  • New Zealand pigeon (kereru)- Near threatened
  • New Zealand scaup- Least concern
  • Pipit (pihoihoi)- Least concern
  • South Island robin- Least concern
  • North Island robin- Least concern
  • North Island brown kiwi- Endangered
  • North Island kōkako- Endangered
  • North Island saddleback- Near threatened
  • Otago shag- Vulnerable
  • Okarito brown kiwi- Critically endangered
  • Paradise shelduck- Least concern
  • Brown creeper (pipipi)- Least concern
  • Pitt shag- Endangered
  • Rock wren (piwauwau)- Vulnerable
  • Red-billed gull- Least concern
  • Red-fronted parakeet (kākāriki)- Vulnerable
  • Rifleman (titipounamu)- Least concern
  • Shore plover- Endangered
  • Snares snipe
  • South Island kōkako- Data Deficient (probably extinct)
  • South Island oystercatcher- Least concern
  • South Island saddleback
  • Southern brown kiwi- Vulnerable
  • Spotted shag (parekareka)- Least concern
  • Stitchbird (hihi)- Vulnerable
  • Subantarctic snipe- Near threatened
  • Takahe- Endangered
  • Tomtit (miromiro)- Least concern
  • Tui- Least concern
  • Variable oystercatcher- Least concern
  • Weka- Vulnerable
  • Whitehead (popokatea)- Least concern
  • Wrybill- Vulnerable
  • Yellow-crowned parakeet (kākāriki)- Near threatened
  • Yellow-eyed penguin (hoiho)- Endangered
  • Yellowhead (mohoua)- Endangered

The following seabird species are endemic as breeders:

070226 southern royal albatross off Kaikoura 2
Southern royal albatross
  • Black petrel
  • Buller's albatross
  • Buller's shearwater
  • Chatham petrel
  • Cook's petrel
  • Erect-crested penguin
  • Fiordland crested penguin
  • Fluttering shearwater
  • Hutton's shearwater
  • Magenta petrel
  • Mottled petrel
  • Pycroft's petrel
  • Snares crested penguin
  • Southern royal albatross
  • Westland petrel
  • White-necked petrel
  • Yellow-eyed penguin
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