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Governor of Missouri
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Seal of Missouri
Eric Greitens 2011-7.jpg
Eric Greitens

since January 9, 2017
Style The Honorable
Residence Missouri Governor's Mansion
Term length Four years, renewable once (maximumly lifetime)
Inaugural holder Alexander McNair
Formation Constitution of Missouri
Salary $133,821 (2013)

Following is a list of Governors of Missouri since its territory became part of the United States.

Number of Governors of Missouri by party affiliation
Party Governors
Democratic 38
Republican 13
Democratic-Republican 3
Liberal Republican 1

Missouri was part of the Louisiana Purchase, which the United States purchased from France in 1803. In its first year it was part of Louisiana. In 1804 all of the territory above what is modern-day Louisiana was broken off and administered by a governor based in St. Louis, Missouri until statehood.

Prior to the purchase both France and Spain administered the territory in a similar manner. France initially had a commandant in charge of Upper Louisiana. Spain around 1770 began having a lieutenant governor in St. Louis and governor in New Orleans, Louisiana ruling the whole territory. For a list of governors under Spanish and French rule see Louisiana Governor. For a list of lieutenant governors ruling Upper Louisiana under French and Spanish control see List of commandants of the Illinois Country.

Since the state capitol moved to Jefferson City in 1826 the governor has lived on the same block in the Missouri Governor's Mansion a block east of the Missouri State Capitol (although the current mansion is the third one).

The current governor of Missouri is Republican Eric Greitens.

Other high offices held

This is a table of congressional, other governorships, and other federal offices held by governors. All representatives and senators mentioned represented Missouri except where noted. * denotes those offices which the governor resigned to take.

Governor Gubernatorial term U.S. Congress Other offices held
House Senate
Benjamin Howard 1809–1812 (territorial) U.S. Representative from Kentucky
John Miller 1826–1832 H
John C. Edwards 1844–1848 H
Austin Augustus King 1848–1853 H
Sterling Price 1853–1857 H
Trusten Polk 1857 S*
Willard Preble Hall 1864–1865 H
Joseph W. McClurg 1869–1871 H
B. Gratz Brown 1871–1873 S
John S. Phelps 1877–1881 H Military Governor of Arkansas
Thomas Theodore Crittenden 1881–1885 H
David R. Francis 1889–1893 Ambassador to Russia, U.S. Secretary of the Interior
William J. Stone 1893–1897 H S
Alexander Monroe Dockery 1901–1905 H
Arthur M. Hyde 1921–1925 U.S. Secretary of Agriculture
Henry S. Caulfield 1929–1933 H
Forrest C. Donnell 1941–1945 S
Kit Bond 1973–1977
John Ashcroft 1985–1993 S U.S. Attorney General
Mel Carnahan 1993–2000 Posthumously elected U.S. Senator

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