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Greek War of Independence
Part of Wars of Independence
Germanos blessing the flag at Agia Lavra. Oil painting by Theodoros Vryzakis, 1865.
Date 1821 – 1829
Location The Balkans (mainly Greece) and the Aegean Sea.
Result Greek victory, establishment of the Kingdom of Greece.
Greece Greek revolutionaries
United Kingdom United Kingdom
France France
Russia Russian Empire
 Ottoman Empire
Egypt Egyptian Khedivate
Commanders and leaders
Greece Theodoros Kolokotronis
Greece Alexander Ypsilanti
Greece Constantine Kanaris
Greece Georgios Karaiskakis
 Ottoman Empire Omer Vryonis
 Ottoman Empire Mahmud Dramali Pasha
 Ottoman Empire Reşid Mehmed Pasha
Egypt Ibrahim Pasha.

The Greek War of Independence (1821–1829), also commonly known as the Greek Revolution, was a successful war by the Greeks who won independence for Greece from the Ottoman Empire. Muhammad Ali Pasha was one of the Muslim rulers who fought the Greeks. After a long and bloody struggle, and with the aid of the United Kingdom, France and Russia, independence was finally achieved, and confirmed by the Treaty of Constantinople in July 1832. The Greeks were thus the first of the Ottoman Empire's subject peoples to be accepted as constituted an independent sovereign power.

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