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Jan Karol Chodkiewicz
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POL COA Chodkiewicz.svg
|frameless|Painting by Bacciarelli]]
Painting by Bacciarelli
Coat of arms Chodkiewicz coat of arms
Spouse(s) Zofia Mielecka
Anna Alojza Ostrogska
Hieronim Chodkiewicz
Anna Scholastyka Chodkiewicz
Noble family Chodkiewicz
Father Jan Hieronimowicz Chodkiewicz
Mother Krystyna Zborowska
Born c. 1561
Vilnius, Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Died 24 September 1621
Khotyn Castle, Poland

Jan Karol Chodkiewicz (c. 1561 – 24 September 1621; Belarusian: Ян Караль Хадкевіч, Jan Karal Chadkievič, Lithuanian: Jonas Karolis Chodkevičius) was a military commander of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth army who was from 1601 Field Hetman of Lithuania, and from 1605 Grand Hetman of Lithuania, and was one of the most prominent noblemen and military commanders of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth of his era. His coat of arms was Chodkiewicz, as was his family name.

He played a major role, often as the top commander of the Commonwealth forces, in the Wallachian campaign of 1599–1600, the Polish–Swedish War of 1600–11, the Polish–Muscovite War of 1605–18, and the Polish–Ottoman War of 1620–21. His most famous victory was the Battle of Kircholm in 1605, in which he dealt a major defeat to a Swedish army three times the size of his own. He died on the front lines during the battle of Chocim, in the besieged Khotyn Fortress, a few days before the Ottomans gave up on the siege and agreed to negotiate.

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