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Karakoram Range
the mountain range of Northern Pakistan.

The Karakoram is a range of mountains starting in the extreme north of Hindu Kush Range mountain and extending eastward in the north of Baltistan District ends in the northeast corner of the state of the former Northern Areas. The range is spread over a length of 482 km, and it covers a tract 46 to 48 km broad. Karakoram separates the State of Kashmir from China, and South-central Asian States. It also protects Kashmir from the extreme cold winds of Siberia. There are over 300 peaks with an elevation between 5200 and 28000 feet from the sea level. Out of these peaks, 150 are in Baltistan. The world's second highest peak K2 (8611 M/ 28251 feet) is within this range. World famous glaciers, the Siachen Glacier, Masherbroom and Gaisherbroom are also in Karakoram range. Many hilly lakes and hot-water springs are also here The different valleys of Karakoram are sources to many rivers, rivulets, streams which at last drain in the great Indus River. 18300 feet high Karakoram Pass, connects Kashmir with Central Asian states and is considered to be a historical route. Shaksgam Pass, Aghil Pass, and Khunjerab Pass are also in this range of mountains.

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