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Japanese Korea

Seal of the
of Korea
Korea (dark red) within the Empire of Japan (light red) at its furthest extent
Korea (dark red) within the Empire of Japan (light red) at its furthest extent
Status Colony of the
Empire of Japan
Capital Keijō (Gyeongseong)
Common languages Japanese (official)
Government Monarchy
• 1910–1912
• 1912–1926
• 1926–1945
• 1910–1916
Terauchi Masatake
• 1916–1919
Hasegawa Yoshimichi
• 1942–1944
Kuniaki Koiso
• 1944–1945
Nobuyuki Abe
Historical era Empire of Japan
• Japanese protectorate
17 November 1905
• Annexation treaty signed
22 August 1910
• Annexation by Japan
29 August 1910
• March 1st Movement
1 March 1919
• Sōshi-kaimei order
• Surrender of Japan
15 August 1945
Currency Korean yen
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Korean Empire
Soviet Civil Administration in Korea
United States Army Military Government in Korea
Today part of North Korea
South Korea

Korea under Japanese rule is a term to define Korea when it was under Japanese control. Japanese victory in the First Sino-Japanese War in 1895 and in the Russo-Japanese War in 1905 cleared the way.

The period is usually divided into three parts. In 1910-1919, the Japanese treated Koreans very badly. From 1919 to 1930-s they created better policies to deal with the Korean people. Later, they tried to force them to become Japanese.

Japan controlled Korea for 35 years during Japanese Imperialism. The Japanese control of Korea lasted from 22 August 1910 until 15 August 1945. The Japanese rulers of Korea left the country on 2 September 1945.

Japanese rule over Korea ended on 15 August 1945 upon the Surrender of Japan in World War II and the armed forces of the United States and the Soviet Union occupied the territory. The Division of Korea separated the Korean Peninsula under two governments and economic systems with the northern Soviet Civil Administration and the southern United States Army Military Government in Korea.

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