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From List of National Natural Landmarks, these are the National Natural Landmarks in Pennsylvania. There are 27 in total.

Name Image Date Location County Ownership Description
1 Bear Meadows Natural Area 2012-08-22 View of Bear Meadows in Pennsylvania in Rothrock State Forest from the Mid-State Trail to the northwest.jpg 1965 40°24′22″N 77°10′26″W / 40.406111°N 77.173889°W / 40.406111; -77.173889 (Bear Meadows Natural Area) Centre public/state
Rothrock State Forest
Contains a 320-acre (130 ha) bog surrounded by a boreal old-growth forest
2 Box Huckleberry Site April 1967 40°24′22″N 77°10′26″W / 40.406111°N 77.173889°W / 40.406111; -77.173889 (Box Huckleberry Site) Perry public/state
Tuscarora State Forest
A 10-acre (4.0 ha) natural area which preserves a rare colony of box huckleberry over 1,000 years old.
3 Cook Forest State Park Streamside.jpg November 1967 41°19′25″N 79°09′50″W / 41.323611°N 79.163889°W / 41.323611; -79.163889 (Cook Forest) Clarion
public/state A 8,500-acre (3,440 ha) state park notable for its spectacular stands of old-growth Eastern White Pine and Eastern Hemlock, many from around 1644.
4 Ferncliff Peninsula Natural Area Ferncliff ohiopyle.jpg 1973 39°52′03″N 79°29′54″W / 39.867555°N 79.498229°W / 39.867555; -79.498229 (Ferncliff Peninsula Natural Area) Fayette public/state
Ohiopyle State Park
This 100-acre (40 ha) peninsula is formed by a meander in the Youghiogheny River. It is a good example of a late successional forests in the Allegheny Mountains
6 Florence Jones Reineman Wildlife Sanctuary 1973 40°16′0″N 77°16′0″W / 40.266667°N 77.266667°W / 40.266667; -77.266667 (Florence Jones Reineman Wildlife Sanctuary) Cumberland
private/family trust Contains a 3,100-acre (1,255 ha) diverse ecological community.
7 Pine Creek Gorge CanyonPano.jpg 1968 41°16′18″N 77°19′37″W / 41.271667°N 77.326944°W / 41.271667; -77.326944 (Pine Creek Gorge) Tioga
Tioga State Forest
Known as the "Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania", a deep gorge carved by glacial meltwater. The maximum depth of the canyon is 1,450 feet (442 m) at Waterville, near the southern end. At Leonard Harrison and Colton Point State Parks, the depth is more than 800 feet and from rim to rim is approximately 4,000 feet (1200 m). Protects 160,000-acre (64,750 ha).
8 Hawk Mountain Sanctuary River of Rocks.jpg 1965 40°38′44″N 75°58′48″W / 40.645556°N 75.98°W / 40.645556; -75.98 (Hawk Mountain) Berks private/nonprofit A sanctuary on an Appalachian ridge, known as an excellent vantage point for hawk migrations.
9 Hearts Content Scenic Area 1973 or 1977 41°41′28″N 79°15′14″W / 41.691°N 79.254°W / 41.691; -79.254 (Hearts Content National Scenic Area) Warren public/federal
Allegheny National Forest
An old-growth white pine forest of 120-acre (49 ha)s.
10 Hemlocks Natural Area 1972 40°14′18″N 77°38′29″W / 40.238418°N 77.641379°W / 40.238418; -77.641379 (Hemlocks Natural Area) Perry public/state
Tuscarora State Forest
Features numerous old growth hemlock trees.
11 Hickory Run Boulder Field HickoryRunBoulderField2007.jpg 1967 41°02′10″N 75°41′02″W / 41.036111°N 75.683889°W / 41.036111; -75.683889 (Hickory Run State Park) Carbon public/state
Hickory Run State Park
A 16.5-acre (7 ha) landscape of sandstone boulders, which were formed approximately 20,000 years ago.
12 Lake Lacawac 1968 41°22′56″N 75°17′31″W / 41.382289°N 75.292078°W / 41.382289; -75.292078 (Lake Lacawac) Wayne private/nonprofit A 52-acre (21 ha) acre glacial lake surrounded by a hardwood conifer forest.
13 McConnells Mill State Park McConnells Mill State Park Hells Hollow Falls.jpg 1972 40°55′36″N 80°11′24″W / 40.926667°N 80.19°W / 40.926667; -80.19 (McConnells Mill State Park) Lawrence public/state Protects 2,546-acre (1,030 ha) acres of the Slippery Rock Creek gorge, including several waterfalls.
14 Monroe Border Fault 1980 40°34′47″N 75°11′51″W / 40.579756°N 75.197556°W / 40.579756; -75.197556 (Monroe Border Fault) Bucks public/state
Nockamixon State Park
An upland along the Delaware River, the area features a variety of exposed rocks from different geological ages.
15 Nay Aug Park Gorge and Waterfall 1989 41°24′05″N 75°38′34″W / 41.401389°N 75.642778°W / 41.401389; -75.642778 (Nay Aug Park Gorge and Waterfall) Lackawanna public/municipal Located in an urban park, it features a rock-strewn, heavily-wooded gorge.
16 Nottingham Park Serpentine Barrens 2009 39°44′26″N 76°02′21″W / 39.740507°N 76.039112°W / 39.740507; -76.039112 (Nottingham County Park) Chester private/nonprofit A 651-acre (263 ha) county park on one of the largest outcrops of serpentine in the eastern US, which creates a savanna-like habitat with a number of unusual flora.
17 Presque Isle State Park Presque Isle Pennsylvania aerial view.jpg 1967 42°09′47″N 80°06′03″W / 42.163056°N 80.100833°W / 42.163056; -80.100833 (Presque Isle State Park) Erie public/state A 3,112-acre (1,259 ha) sandy peninsula stretching into Lake Erie.
18 Reynolds Spring and Algerine Swamp Bogs 1974 41°33′03″N 77°29′51″W / 41.550902°N 77.497481°W / 41.550902; -77.497481 (Reynolds Spring and Algerine Swamp Bogs) Tioga
Tioga State Forest
Contains two bogs of 1,302-acre (527 ha)s and 84-acre (34 ha)s, which are surrounded by thick oak and pine groves.
19 The Glens Natural Area Rglenn05.jpg 1968 41°19′34″N 76°16′46″W / 41.32611°N 76.27944°W / 41.32611; -76.27944 (Ricketts Glen State Park) Columbia
Ricketts Glen State Park
2,845-acre (1,151 ha)s of old growth forest, with many trees exceed 100 feet in height. Twenty two separate named waterfalls are located in the area.
20 Snyder Middleswarth Natural Area SnyderMiddleswarth.jpg 1967 40°48′36″N 77°16′59″W / 40.81°N 77.283056°W / 40.81; -77.283056 (Snyder Middleswarth Natural Area) Snyder public/state
Bald Eagle State Forest
A hemlock, pine, and oak forest located on 500-acre (202 ha)s.
21 Susquehanna Water Gaps 1968 40°31′15″N 76°58′44″W / 40.520918°N 76.978867°W / 40.520918; -76.978867 (Susquehanna Water Gaps) Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry public/state Millions of years of erosive rock create impressive landforms of unique geologic heritage and outstanding natural beauty, as the Susquehanna River cuts through five ridges of the Appalachian Mountains north of Harrisburg.
22 Tamarack Swamp 1977 41°59′20″N 79°33′18″W / 41.989°N 79.555°W / 41.989; -79.555 (Tamarack Swamp) Warren public/state An acidic kettle pond bog.
23 Tannersville Cranberry Bog SpruceAndTamarack.jpg 1974 41°2′24″N 75°18′21.6″W / 41.04°N 75.306°W / 41.04; -75.306 (Tannersville Cranberry Bog) Monroe private/nonprofit A 1,000-acre (405 ha) kettle lake fen.
24 John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum TinicumNWR.jpg 1965 39°53′09″N 75°15′44″W / 39.885866°N 75.262356°W / 39.885866; -75.262356 (John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum) Philadelphia
public/federal Protects a tidal marsh of 350-acre (142 ha)s located in an urban environment.
25 Tionesta Scenic and Research Natural Areas Flickr - Nicholas T - Tionesta Research Natural Area (Revisited) (1).jpg 1973 41°38′42″N 78°56′28″W / 41.645°N 78.941°W / 41.645; -78.941 (Tionesta Scenic and Research Natural Areas) Warren
Allegheny National Forest
4,131-acre (1,672 ha)s of old growth forest on the Allegheny Plateau.
26 Titus and Wattsburg Bogs 1977 41°56′36″N 79°45′47″W / 41.943388°N 79.763107°W / 41.943388; -79.763107 (Titus and Wattsburg Bogs) Erie private/nonprofit A peatland of 125-acre (51 ha)s located near the shore of Lake Erie.
27 Wissahickon Valley MoranWissahockenCreek1865.jpg 1964 40°00′58″N 75°12′21″W / 40.016056°N 75.205744°W / 40.016056; -75.205744 (Wissahickon Valley) Montgomery, Philadelphia public/state
Fort Washington State Park
Protects an urbanized tributary of the Schuylkill River, which features a gorge and thick woodlands.
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