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Rupert's Land
Territory of British North America

Flag of Rupert's Land

Flag of the Hudson's Bay Company

Location of Rupert's Land
Map of Rupert's Land, showing the location of York Factory
Government Trading company
 -  1670–1685 (first) Charles II
 -  1837–1870 (last) Victoria
HBC Governor
 -  1670–1682 (first) Prince Rupert of the Rhine
 -  1870 (last) Stafford Northcote
Historical era Age of Discovery
 -  Established 1670
 -  Disestablished July 15 1870
Today part of Canada
United States
  North Dakota
  South Dakota

Rupert's Land is a historical territory. Most of it is in Canada today, but some is in the United States. Originally, the Hudson’s Bay Company owned it. It is named after Prince Rupert of the Rhine. who was the first head of the company. Charles II of England issued the lease, which gave the company a monoply over all fur trading along the rivers of the territory. In 1821, the company united with the North West Company from Montreal. North-Western Territory was added to the sphere of influence of the company. In 1869, the company sold its rights to both territories to the Canadian Dominion, which was the predecessor of modern-day Canada. In 1870, the Manitoba Act created the Canadian province Manitoba. Rupert's land was split: Parts of it were added to Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. In 1818, the border between Canada and the US was defined along the 49th latitude. This means that part of Rupert's land today make up the states Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana and South Dakota.

In addition, Rupert's land is an ecclesiastical province of the Anglican Church of Canada. It is also the name of an Anglican diocese in Manitoba.

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