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Winston Churchill Range
Athabasca Glacier on the Columbia Icefield.jpg
Athabasca Glacier in the Winston Churchill Range
Highest point
Peak Mount Columbia
Elevation 3,747 m (12,293 ft)
Length 31 km (19 mi) N/S
Width 23 km (14 mi) E/W
Area 410 km2 (160 sq mi)
Etymology Winston Churchill
Country Canada
Range coordinates 52°21′32″N 117°26′58″E / 52.35889°N 117.44944°E / 52.35889; 117.44944Coordinates: 52°21′32″N 117°26′58″E / 52.35889°N 117.44944°E / 52.35889; 117.44944
Parent range Park Ranges
Sir Windston Churchill Range
Mount Athabasca, Mount Andromeda, Athabasca Glacier, Snow Dome, Dome Glacier and Mount Kitchener

The Winston Churchill Range is a mountain range in the Park Ranges of the Canadian Rockies located in Jasper National Park. The range was named after Sir Winston Churchill, former British prime minister.

The eastern boundary of the range begins on the western side of Sunwapta River from the Jasper and Banff boundary and extends north to Sunwapta Falls. The western boundary of the range is defined by the Athabasca River valley to the east of Warwick Mountain. The valley narrows as it approaches the Continental Divide, and separates Mt. Columbia from Mt. King Edward, the latter of which is not part of the range.

This range includes the following mountains and peaks:

Mountain/Peak metres feet
Mount Columbia 3,747 12,294
North Twin Peak 3,684 12,087
Twins Tower 3,627 11,900
Mount Alberta 3,619 11,874
South Twin Peak 3,566 11,700
Mount Kitchener 3,505 11,500
Snow Dome 3,456 11,339
Mount Woolley 3,460 11,352
Stutfield Peak 3,450 11,319
Diadem Peak 3,371 11,060
Mount Cromwell 3,330 10,926
Mount Engelhard 3,270 10,729
Mount Smythe 3,246 10,650
Mushroom Peak 3,210 10,532
Thorington Tower 3,155 10,352
Mount Nelson 3,150 10,335
Mount Palmer 3,150 10,335
Mount Gec 3,130 10,270
Gong Peak 3,120 10,237
Mount Adam Joachim 3,094 10,150
Mount K2 3,090 10,138
Mount Weiss 3,090 10,138
Mount Mitchell 3,040 9,974
Mount Morden Long 3,040 9,974
Mount McGuire 3,030 9,941
Mount Confederation 2,969 9,741
Little Alberta 2,956 9,700
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