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Centenary is a neighborhood in New City, New York, the county seat of Rockland County. Located on the north-easternmost side of the hamlet, just south of Haverstraw, southeast of High Tor State Park, northwest of Dr. Davis Farm, and northeast of the neighborhood of Brownsell Corner. It is one of the most rural parts of New City.

Centenary Church, now desanctified and converted to a residence, marks the historic center at South Mountain Road near the intersection of Old Route 304.

Well-known residents have included Carlos Castaneda, who resided on High Tor Road in the 1970s.

Coordinates: 41°10′40″N 73°57′57″W / 41.17778°N 73.96583°W / 41.17778; -73.96583ar:مقاطعة روكلاند، نيويورك cs:Rockland County de:Rockland County es:Condado de Rockland fr:Comté de Rockland bpy:রকল্যান্ড কাউন্টি, নিউ ইয়র্ক it:Contea di Rockland nl:Rockland County ja:ロックランド郡 (ニューヨーク州) no:Rockland County nds:Rockland County pl:Hrabstwo Rockland pt:Condado de Rockland fi:Rocklandin piirikunta yi:ראקלענד קאונטי zh:羅克蘭縣 (紐約州)

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