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A ship left behind because of the retreat of the Aral Sea

Desertification is the expansion of desert into the surrounding areas. The desert area in the world is getting bigger. Desertification usually happens on the edge of deserts. A variety of factors causes it.


There are many causes of desert spreading:

Interesting facts about desertification

  • The United Nations predicts that within the next 10 years, 50 million people in the drylands will be displaced due to desertification.
  • Approximately 2 billion people rely on and live in dryland area climates.
  • Poor nutrition and a lack of clean water are one of the many issues of desertification.
  • The Great Green Wall is the idea to plant a wall of trees at the southern edge of the Sahara Desert to battle desertification. As of 2023, about 15% of the project is completed.

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