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10 11 12
Cardinal eleven
Ordinal 11th
Factorization prime
Prime 5th
Divisors 1, 11
Roman numeral XI
Greek prefix hendeca-/hendeka-
Latin prefix undeca-
Binary 10112
Ternary 1023
Quaternary 234
Quinary 215
Senary 156
Octal 138
Duodecimal B12
Hexadecimal B16
Vigesimal B20
Base 36 B36

11 (eleven Listeni/ˈlɛvn/ or /iˈlɛvɛn/) is a number. It comes between ten and twelve, is an odd number, and is a prime number, after 2, 3, 5, and 7.

In Roman numerals, 11 is written as XI.

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