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The Red Maple Award is an award in the Ontario Library Association (OLA) Forest of Reading Awards. The Red Maple Award celebrates fiction (since 1998) and non-fiction (every other year since 2005) Canadian books for grades 7–8 (12–14) every year. Out of ten nominated books in each category students must read a minimum of five to vote for their favourite. The winner is chosen by the most popular book in all participating libraries, schools, groups, etc.


So far, there have been 22 awards in fiction and 8 in non fiction.

Only seven authors have won the award more than once: Eric Walters (2001, 2007 Fiction, 2008, 2015 Fiction) with 4, Susin Neilsen (2010, 2014, 2020) and Kenneth Oppel (2005 Fiction, 2006, 2012) with 3 each, and Gayle Friesen (1999, 2003), Wesley King (2013 Fiction, 2019 Fiction), Norah McClintock (2004, 2009 Fiction), and Andreas Schroeder (2005 Non-fiction, 2007 non-fiction) with 2 each. Friesen was the first to win the award twice, while Walters was the first to win 3 and 4 times.

Kenneth Oppel was the first to win back to back in 2005 and 2006, followed by Eric Walters in 2007 and 2008. Andreas Schroeder was the first to win back to back in non-fiction in 2005 and 2007.

Carol Matas was the first fiction winner, while Andreas Schroeder was the first non-fiction winner.


Year Title Author Publishing Company
1998 After the War Carol Matas Scholastic
1999 Janey's Girl Gayle Friesen Kids Can Press
2000 What They Don't Know Anita Horrocks Stoddart Kids
2001 Rebound Eric Walters
2002 Clara's War Kathy Kacer Second Story Press
2003 Losing Forever Gayle Friesen Kids Can Press
2004 Hit and Run Norah McClintock Scholastic
2005 Airborn Kenneth Oppel Harper Collins
2006 Skybreaker Harper Collins Canada
2007 We All Fall Down Eric Walters Random House
2008 Safe as Houses Doubleday Canada
2009 Out of the Cold Norah McClintock Scholastic Canada Ltd
2010 Word Nerd Susin Nielsen Tundra Books
2011 Not Suitable for Family Viewing Vicki Grant Harper Collins Canada
2012 Half Brother Kenneth Oppel
2013 The Vindico Wesley King G. P. Putnam's Sons
Penguin Group
2014 The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen Susin Nielsen Tundra Books
2015 Rule of Three Eric Walters Penguin Book
2016 The Dogs Allan Stratton Scholastic Canada Ltd
2017 Shooter Caroline Pignat Razorbill
2018 The Winnowing Vikki VanSickle Scholastic Canada Ltd
2019 A World Below Wesley King Paula Wiseman Books
2020 No Fixed Address Susin Nielsen Tundra Books


Year Title Author Publishing Company
2005 Scams! Andreas Schroeder Annick Press
2007 Thieves!: Ten Stories of Surprising Heists, Comical Capers and Daring Escapades
2009 Royal Murder Elizabeth MacLeod
2011 Bite of the Mango Mariatu Kamara
2013 Real Justice: Fourteen and Sentenced to Death Bill Swan James Lorimer & Company Ltd.
2015 The Last Train: A Holocaust Story Rona Arato Owlkids
2017 Child Soldier: When Boys and Girls Are Used in War Michel Chikwanine Kids Can Press, Ltd.
Jessica Dee Humphreys
Claudia Dávila
2019 Every Falling Star: The True Story of How I Survived and Escaped North Korea Sungju Lee Abrams Amulet
Susan McClelland

Nominated Books

These are the books that were nominated for a Red Maple Award each year but were not chosen as a winner.

Fiction (1998-2007)

The books are ordered by year and the author's last name (Last name of first author if multiple).

Year Title Author(s) Publishing Company/Companies
1998 Stranger at Bay Don Aker Stoddart
A Light in the Dunes Martha Attema Orca
No Fixed Address Maureen Bayless Scholastic
What's Tuesday? Mitzi Dale Groundwood
Douglas and McIntyre
Uncle Ronald Brian Doyle Groundwood
Douglas & McIntyre
Back of Beyond Sarah Ellis Groundwood
Douglas & McIntyre
Promise Song Linda Holeman Tundra Books
Moonkid and Prometheus Paul Kropp Stoddart
The Body in the Basement Norah McClintock Scholastic
1999 Zack William Bell Doubleday
Angels Turn Their Backs Margaret Buffie Kids Can Press
Mercy's Birds Linda Holeman Tundra Books
Sins of the Father Norah McClintock Scholastic Canada
Make or Break Spring Janet McNaughton Tuckamore Books
Awake and Dreaming Kit Pearson Puffin Books
War of the Eagles Eric Walters Orca
Brad's Universe Mary Woodbury
Stephen Fair Tim Wynne-Jones Groundwood
2000 The Sunflower Diary Lillian Boraks-Nemetz University of Toronto Press
Alone at Ninety Foot Katherine Holubitsky Orca
The Story Box Monica Hughes Harper Collins
Touch of the Clown Glen Huser Groundwood Books
Dahling, If You Luv Me, Would You Please, Please Smile Rukhsana Khan Stoddart Kids
Password: Murder Norah McClintock Scholastic
Daughter Ishbel Moore Kids Can Press
Sunwing Kenneth Oppel Harper Collins
The Mystery of Ireland's Eye Shane Peacock Viking
2001 The Breadwinner Deborah Ellis Groundwood
Men of Stone Gayle Friesen Kids Can Press
Raspberry House Blues Linda Holeman Tundra
Storm Warning Monica Hughes Harper Collins
The Wreckers Iain Lawrence Deacorte Press
Charlie Wilcox Sharon E. McKay Stoddart Kids
Over the Edge Norah McClintock Scholastic
The Secret Under My Skin Janet McNaughton Harper Collins
The Boy in the Burning House Tim Wynne-Jones Groundwood
2002 Stones William Bell Seal Books
Whisperings of Magic Karleen Bradford HarperCollins Canada
Whose Side Are You On? Betty Fitzpatrick Dorion Coteau Books
A Bushel of Light Troon Harrison Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Bone Beds of the Badlands Shane Peacock Puffin Canada
Dust Arthur Slade Harper Trophy Canada
Across the Steel River Ted Stenhouse Kids Can Press
By the Standing Stone Maxime Trottier Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Bully Boys Eric Walters Puffin Canada
2003 The Carved Box Gillian Chan Kids Can Press
Irish Chain Barbara Haworth-Attard Harper Collins
Flood James Heneghan Groundwood Books
The Goodfellow Chronicles: The Sacred Seal J.C. Mills Key Porter Books
Firewing Kenneth Oppel Harper Collins
Out of the Ashes: A Shelby Belgarden Mystery Valerie Sherrard Boardwalk Books
City of the Dead Sharon Stewart Red Deer Press
Saving Jasey Diane Tullson Orca Books
Fractures Budge Wilson Penguin Books
2004 Parvana's Journey Deborah Ellis Groundwood Books
The Dirt Eaters Dennis Foon Annick Press
In Spite of Killer Bees Julie Johnston Tundra Books
The Bussaneers Iain Lawrence Delacourte Press
Waiting for Sarah Bruce McBay Orca
James Heneghan
Charlie Wilcox's Great War Sharon McKay Penguin Group
An Earthly Knight Janet McNaughton HarperCollins
On Wings of a Dragon Cora Taylor Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Run Eric Walters Penguin Group
2005 The Heaven Shop Deborah Ellis Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Stitches Glen Huser Groundwood
Peacekeepers Dianne Linden Coteau
The Mob Clem Martini Kids Can
Dead and Gone Norah McClintock Scholastic Canada
A Different Kind of Beauty Sylvia McNicoll Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Nobody's Child Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch Dundurn Press
Sister to the Wolf Maxine Trottier Kids Can
The Princess Pawn Maggie L. Wood Sumach
2006 After Sylvia Alan Cumyn Groundwood
Gravesavers Sheree Fitch Doubleday Canada
Sower of Tales Rachna Gilmore Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Blood Brothers Marilyn Halvorson
Mercury Man Tom Henighan Dundurn Press
Lost Goat Lane Rosa Jordan Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Convicts Iain Lawrence Delacorte Press
Random House
Greenies Myra Paperny Harper Collins Canada
From Charlie's Point of View Richard Scrimger Tundra Books
2007 Johnny Kellock Died Today Hadley Dyer HarperCollins Canada
The Isabel Factor Gayle Friesen Kids Can Press
The Girls They Left Behind Bernice Thurman Hunter Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Born to Rock Gordan Korman Scholastic Canada
The Plague. Feather and Bone: The Crow Chronicles Clem Martini Kids Can Press
Not a Trace: A Chole and Levesque Mystery Norah McClintock Scholastic Canada
The Raintree Rebellion Janet McNaughton HarperCollins
Megiddo's Shadow Arthur Slade HarperCollins Canada
Red Goodwin John Wilson Ronsdale

Fiction (2008-2017)

Year Title Author(s) Publishing Company/Companies
2008 The Rise of the Golden Cobra Henry T. Aubin Annick Press
Stolen Away Christopher Dinsdale Napoleon & Company
Pirate's Passage William Gilkerson Trumpeter
Skinnybones and the Wrinkle Queen Glen Huser Groundwood Books
Gemini Summer Iain Lawrence Delacourte Press
Darkwing Kenneth Oppel HarperCollins
Sarah's Legacy Valerie Sherrard Boardwalk
Dundurn Group
Endymion Spring Matthew Skelton Penguin
Where Soldiers Lie John Wilson Key Porter Books
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