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Cambridge Gonville and Caius College
Gonville and Cauis College from King's Parade

Gonville and Caius College is one of the colleges of the University of Cambridge, England. It is often called Caius (said keys) by the students. It was created in 1348 by Edmund Gonville who gave money to build it. In 1557 John Caius, a doctor, left some more money after studying at the college. The modern name comes from these two people. It now has about 700 students.

Being old, the college has kept many traditions. For example, there is a formal dinner every night. Also, when students go home for holiday they need to get an official permission from a Fellow (teacher) to leave.

Famous members

Some very famous people have studied at this College. Twelve of them have won a Nobel Prize:

  • 1932 Sir Charles Sherrington – neurophysiologist (student and fellow)
  • 1935 Sir James Chadwick – physicist, discovery of the neutron (student, fellow, and master)
  • 1945 Sir Howard Florey – co-discovery of penicillin (fellow)
  • 1954 Max Born – physicist
  • 1962 Francis Crick – discovery of the structure of DNA (PhD student and honorary fellow)
  • 1972 Sir John Hicks – economist (fellow)
  • 1974 Antony Hewish – astronomer (student and fellow)
  • 1976 Milton Friedman – economist (visiting fellow)
  • 1977 Sir Nevill Mott – theoretical physicist (fellow and Master)
  • 1984 Sir Richard Stone – economist
  • 2001 Joseph Stiglitz – economist (fellow)
  • 2008 Roger Tsien – chemist (fellow)

Stephen Hawking is also a Fellow at Gonville and Caius.

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