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Capture Of King Phillips Fort
King Philip's War Memorial - Elizabeth Parker Memorial Park - Westfield, MA - DSC02251
King Phillips Memorial

King Philip's War (Metacom's War) was a war between Native Americans and English colonists. King philip's war was fought between 1675 and 1676 in the area of the United States that is now New England.

When the Puritans left England, they came to live in America near the Indians. As more Puritans moved to America, the need for land increased. This caused the Puritans to take over Indian land. Metacom, or "King Philip" as he was called in English was the leader of one of the larger Indian tribes. He was angry that the Puritans took Native lands. He brought together a force of Indians and attacked the Puritans. The Natives and Puritans fought a small war, and the Indians lost. King Philip was killed, along with about 3,000 other Indians. 500 Indians were also taken prisoner and made slaves.

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