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Odawara Castle

Odawara (小田原市 , Odawara-shi) is a Japanese city in Kanagawa Prefecture on the island of Honshū.

It has been recognized as a special city since 2000.


Tokaido09 Odawara
Odawara — ukiyo-e woodblock print by Hiroshige, circa 1830s

In the Edo period, Odawara-juku was 9th of the 53 shogunate-maintained waystations (shuku-eki) along the Tōkaidō road which connected Edo and Kyoto.

During the Great Kantō earthquake in 1923, most Odawara buildings collapsed immediately; and fires burned anything left standing.


The borders of Odawara are the Hakone Mountains to the north and west, the Sakawa River to the east and Sagami Bay to the south.

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