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Salzburgerland is one of the States of Austria. It has 7,154 square kilometres (2,762 sq mi) and 529,085 inhabitants. Its capital city is Salzburg.


The last results in March 2009 were:

  • SPÖ: 15 seats (-2)
  • ÖVP: 14 seats
  • FPÖ: 5 seats (+2)
  • Grüne: 2 seats

The president is a SPÖ member.


In the Modern Era Salzburg was an independent state.


Austrian German is the main written language. Austro-Bavarian language is also spoken, especially in the rural areas.

Administrative divisions

Salzburger Land has six districts, (Bezirke or Gaue):

  • Pinzgau
  • Pongau
  • Lungau
  • Tennengau
  • Flachgau
  • Salzburg

Important cities and towns

Settlements in Salzburgerland with town privileges:

  • AUT Salzburg (Stadt) COA.svg Salzburg (pop. 148,521)
  • Wappen Hallein.jpg Hallein (20,022)
  • AUT Saalfelden COA.svg Saalfelden (16,046)
  • Wappen at st johann.png Sankt Johann im Pongau (10,740)
  • AT Bischofshofen COA.svg Bischofshofen (10,352)
  • AUT Zell am See COA.svg Zell am See (9,683)
  • Wappen at seekirchen.png Seekirchen (9,945)
  • Wappen at neumarkt am wallersee.png Neumarkt am Wallersee (5,846)
  • Wappen at oberndorf bei salzburg.png Oberndorf bei Salzburg (5,600)
  • Wappen at mittersill.png Mittersill (5,443)
  • AUT Radstadt COA.jpg Radstadt (4,864)

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