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The Mask: The Animated Series
Genre Animated comedy
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English / French
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 55
Producer(s) Film Roman, Dark Horse, Sunbow Productions
Running time 30 minutes
Original network United StatesCBS
Italy Canale 5
Original release 1995 – 1997
Preceded by The Mask (1994)
Followed by Son of the Mask (2005)

The Mask: The Animated Series is a television animated series based on the comic book superhero, The Mask, but with most of its inspiration from the 1994 movie adaptation. The show ran for three seasons, from 1995 to 1997, and spawned its own short-run comic book series, Adventures of The Mask.


Tina Carlyle (Cameron Diaz's character in the movie) was absent, but reporter Peggy Brandt had become the main female character. Unlike in the movie, Ipkiss was able to use the mask in daytime as well as at night.

Much as with the Beetlejuice cartoon before it, The Mask TAS took many elements from the source movie but dropped characters and changed certain other characters. However, the events of the movie are alluded to, as Charlie knew that Stanley was the Mask (though did not know Stanley kept it), and Stanley was still upset over Peggy selling him out to the mob (given that Stanley and Peggy were never treated as a potential couple, there may have remained some bad feelings over that though The Mask himself sometimes tries to woo her). A gypsy at one point claims that the Mask is the most powerful artifact in the world.

The cartoon, despite having a "realistic" setting in the fictional town of Edge City, would often rely more on Tex Avery-style humor and on occasion, broke any meaningful laws of reality - one episode featured the Goofalotatots, parodies of the Animaniacs, treating them as if they were naturally alive. Another featured the Mask becoming a personal assistant to the President of the US, with the job merely handed to him (the president was a caricature of no real president - it should also be noted that former Mask comic writer John Arcudi wrote both example episodes, a stark departure from his usual writing).

Also continued from the movie was the consistent visiting by The Mask of the Coco Bongo - a fictional, glamorous night club frequented by the Edge City well-to-do, which was most likely based on the Copacabana in New York City. In the episode "A Comedy of Eras", in which Dr. Chronos manipulates time so that the future Edge City becomes a corrupted, Nineteen Eighty-Four-like dictatorial society ruled by the villainess, features a Coco Bongo which has been destroyed - a development that horrifies and enrages The Mask and provides him with the motivation to ultimately defeat Dr. Chronos.


  • Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask (voiced by Rob Paulsen) the main protagonist. Instead of getting rid of the mask as in the movie, he kept it. And whenever he tries gets rid of "The Mask", he gets into trouble and is often forced to use the Mask to overcome these problems, sometimes even relying on the Mask to fight supernatural enemies (even facing Satan at one point). Stanley Ipkiss is portrayed as a push over good guy, while The Mask, unlike his violent comic book counter part, is more of a mischievous superhero who as Stanley had put it, "Would rather go to water polo night at the Coco Bongo then fight crime". The Mask is also apparently even aware of the surroundings when he is not being worn as during one episode Stanley attempts to control the Mask with the Sister Mask which seems to work at first only for the mask to go back to normal and state the sister mask doesn't work at all (though this may actually be due to The Mask and Stanley sharing knowledge). The Mask also works when broken (when the Mask was split in two each half still works but only does half the transformation, finally allowing Stanley and the Mask to converse). To date the only thing that truly affects The Mask is the Common Cold which throws his powers out of whack and will result in the death of both The Mask and the wearer. Due to the different personalities The Mask and Stanley have, they often refer to each other as separate people (such as The Mask remarking "Oh Stanley is going to hate me in the morning"). In Split Personalities it is revealed that the Mask always wanted to give Stanley a wedgy.
  • Milo (voiced by Frank Welker) Stanley's dog. He is a frequent wearer of the mask as well.
  • Lt. Mitch Kellaway (voiced by Neil Ross) a lieutenant constantly trying to prove Ipkiss is the Mask. A running gag of the show is that he receives atomic wedgies from the Mask.
  • Peggy Brandt (voiced by Heidi Shannon) Stanley's reporter friend. She sold out Stanley to mobsters in the movie, causing their strained relationship, though their friendship was repaired when Peggy rescues him (several times later). She constantly tries to up her career in the tabloids biz usually leaving her in sticky situations. She is one of the many women that The Mask has made advances on.
  • Doyle (voiced by Jim Cummings) Lieutenant Kellaway's dimwitted partner. He is usually the comic relief and is occasionally seen eating a donut.
  • Charlie Schumacher (voiced by Mark L. Taylor) Stanley's friend in the movie turned into bank manager. He usually looks out for himself, tries to score women, has Stanley do his work for him, etc.

Other characters


The main villain, Dr. Pretorius (voiced by Tim Curry), was a madman who had his own head removed from his body and placed on tiny, spider-like robotic legs, which could attach to a larger android body. His plans always revolved around either obtaining or controlling the Mask (Pretorius is one of the few characters in the series aware of The Mask's true identity), or as part of some increasingly insane "science experiments" which, if carried out, would result in the death of thousands or even the end of mankind. He mostly pronounces Ipkiss' last name as "Ipp-kiss". Pretorius was also likely a parody of mob boss Eugene Rapaz from the original comics (both share the same face. Rapaz wore small, rounded-lens dark glasses and Pretorius had round optic implants that looked similar, as well).

In the episode, "Sister Mask", Dr. Pretorius did eventually gain the mask, and as with Tyrell, retained his own personality while wearing it (While the mask is said to release one's own inhibitions, those who have no inhibitions seem to retain full conscious control while wearing the Mask, such as the Joker in the DC crossover).

Coming from the comics was Walter, Pretorius's goon, still silent and indestructible but not as murderous and cruel. Walter chased the Mask for several episodes, but when he obtained the wooden mask and it failed to work for him, he simply dropped it. Walter remained a recurring character throughout the series. He is strong enough to actually break the Mask in two (an impressive feat as only seconds before the Mask withstood being hit by cars and run over by a steamroller without a scratch).

Ben Stein reprised his role as Dr. Neuman, from the movie. In one episode, the mask falls into Neuman's hands, and he becomes a super-villain. Dr. Neuman rampaged throughout the city, claming everyone suffered from a disease he calledIpkissiamascosus. He was determined to kill Stanley and even goes as far as to spring Pretorius from prison to aid him (a running gag, however, was that Dr. Neuman refused to believe the mask worked, even when he had it on).

A third villain who made it to the TV series for a few times was the mad Dr. Amelia Chronos, who, with her ambitions of gaining power and dominance through the manipulation of time, often caused quite a lot of chaos through inventions like a machine that kept looping time every half hour for everyone but herself (so that even the Mask could never foil her plans, since by the time he got to her, everything would be reset to a half hour prior), a gun that reversed/fast forwarded time for whoever it was aimed at (so that the person would keep getting younger and younger until he/she became nothing, or became older and older until he/she was dead), a large time portal through which she could summon anything to defeat the Mask (such as prehistoric creatures, robots from the future, etc.) though none of them worked and an actual time machine through which she could travel into the past or future to manipulate events so that she would ultimately be victorious in her quest for world dominance.

For villains as for the Mask's transformation, there was often DC Comics parodies, as Supermask and Super Salad Man (a parody of Superman). Some Marvel references were made too, like The Mask becoming Biclops (a parody of Cyclops), Spiderhyny (alias Spiderman), Green Surfer (alias Silver Surfer) and Toolverine (a parody of Wolverine), and a villain that turned into a dinosaur like Sauron. Notable were Skillit (parody of Mr. Mxyzptlk and Peter Pan, albeit much more malevolent in nature) and Putty Thing (parody of the Batman: The Animated Series version of Clayface, portrayed as a dumb teenager rather than an angry, jaded actor).

The Mask also had a few more villainous enemies in his rogues gallery such as:

  • Gorgonzola, the Cheese Witch, whose powers include the Cheese-Eye (an eye laser that turns anything into cheese) and the Shot-Cheddar (a razor-sharp cheddar cheese arrow, that would be fired from Gorgonzola's palm). (This character was created as it was the winner of a contest held by Disney Adventures to create a new villain for the series).
  • The Tempest: (real name: French Drizzle) A fired weatherman who was struck by lightning which rebounded from a satellite dish onto him and he was mutated into a freak with the ability to control the weather. He put Edge City into a hailstorm and flood. He resembles Robin from Batman: The Animated Series and has powers similar to that of the X-Men Storm. The Mask was able to stop him by opening a manhole which sucked him down, along with the flood waters he created (not to be confused with the Action Man villain with a similar name, origin and powers).
  • Kablamus (voiced by Jim Cummings): (real name: Joe Blow) A green-haired explosive man who could cause destruction by blowing himself up like a balloon, without dying, but returning to normal size. He has a special pouch in his costume where he puts different grenades that explode with him.
  • Channel Surfer: A madman who glides using his surfboard and travels by teleporting through televisions. He had all of Edge City watch the TV shows he liked and he was able to trap Stanley (wearing the mask) inside the television. Was once a man named Raymond Neilsen who went insane after his favorite TV show "Pointy Peaks" (a parody of Twin Peaks) was cancelled due to complaints from viewers. He is obviously a parody of Silver Surfer.
  • Dragon Lady, War Machine & Rip Tide (a.k.a. The Dark Star Trio): A trio of villains who came out of Doyle's favorite comic book set out to kill Lt. Kellaway after mistaking him as their superhero enemy. The Dragon Lady (Kath Soucie)can transform into a dragon, fly and breathe fire. War Machine (Jim Cummings) is a robot armed with deadly weapons and ammunition. RipTide (Frank Welker) is a punky villain with the ability to transform into water. Stanley/the Mask defeated the trio by ripping the comic book from whence they came. A parody of the Galaxy Trio from the Hanna-Barbera shorts. War Machine appears to be a parody of the Marvel superhero of the same name (although he's a robot instead of a man in a suit), while RipTide is a parody of Hydro-Man.
  • Skillit (voiced by Jason Marsden): A mischievous imp who hails from the Shadowland, and can use his own living shadow to suck the shadows out of other people, turning them old fast (only the Mask is immune to this) and allowing him to remain forever young (though he is powerless without his shadow). He is over 4000 years old but, in his own words, doesn't look a day over 12 (because of this, when he is captured he is often forced to do homework). He has known everyone who has ever possessed the mask, such as Atilla the Hun, Gengis Khan, and Blackbeard the Pirate.
  • Chet Bozzack (voiced by Dan Castellaneta): The high school bully of Stanley who accidentally wore half of the mask when it was cut into two. It is later shown that their Mask sides have something akin to a rivalry. Stanley and Chet along with their half mask personalities battle ended only when Chet stopped his mask personality from killing Stanley.
  • Putty Thing & Fish Guy (a.k.a. The Terrible Two) (voiced by Cam Clarke and Jeff Bennett): (real names: Doc and Eddie) Two comic book-obsessed teenage boys who wanted to be superheroes. Driven by this desire, they went into a nuclear power plant in hopes of obtaining radioactivity. They believed that this state would eventually turn them into comic book superheroes when coming on contact with a bug. They succeeded, but forgot to bring a bug, both became ill and were sent to a hospital. On the way, the ambulance they were on accidentally released them and they crashed into two different stores; Doc in a putty shop and Eddie in an aquarium. This transformed them into Putty Thing and Fish Guy, in the episode "the Terrible Two". Fish Guy envied Putty Thing because he had "the great scorcher super powers" and he didn't. Technically, he was a harmless fish sidekick. Even worse, despite being a fish, he can't swim or breathe underwater. In the episode, "The Good The Bad and Fish Guy", he managed to take The Mask from Stanley and wear it, thus transforming him into Shark Dude, a much more dangerous villain that was much stronger and faster than his previous form, likewise, after Putty thing landed in a tub of radioactive waste he gained the power to shoot explosive laser beams from his mouth, Putty Thing later learns how to shapeshift. The two are likely a parody/homage to Mike Myers' titular Wayne's World character, while Fish Guy resembles Wayne's sidekick Garth Algar (played by Dana Carvey).
  • Cybermite (voiced by Jim Cummings): A living yet obnoxious computer virus (in a form of a fat termite wearing a leather jacket) who manages to invade and infect Milo's body in Fantashtick Voyage. He grows bigger when ever he eats brain cells and occasionally says some pretty bad jokes.
  • Lonnie The Shark (voiced by Glenn Shadix): A mobster who has sharp teeth and a hairdo that resembles to a shark's fin. Along with his sidekick Pete (Charlie Adler), Lonnie has his own biker gang that cause chaos within Edge City. They tried to steal the XAW battleship in The Green Marine and attempted to rob a bank in Malled. Lonnie once disguised himself as a "Barney The Dinosaur"-style kids TV host in Baby's Wild Ride.
  • Vicky Prat/Davida Steelmine: An illusionist criminal and an old schoolmate of Stanley were she was his crush, unknown to him she harbours a similar infatuation towards him (not enough to give up her life of crime though). She uses illusions as diversion while she robs th eactual places while using an illusion of herself during her magic show to throw off suspiscion, though she is capable of creating fireballs to attack with, she commonly escapes through her top hat. She originally appeared to steal valuables from Edge City but met her old crush Stanley and makes him an offer to leave with her, he refuses and dons The Mask to stop her. After several failed attempts to woo her, The Mask stops her with his own magic tricks but she ultimately escapes in the end only for the Mask to take her Top Hat escape route.
  • Satan: The Devil, here represented in a human form with vampire-like teeth and a demon shadow, appeared as a villain. The first time, he convinced Stanley to sign a contract to make him become a winner without using the Mask. The contract worked, Stanley gaining prices twice and becoming the Bank vice-president, but the Devil then tried to take him (including as the Mask) in Hell as a payment. However, The Mask was able to discard the contract by challenging and defeating Satan in a dance competition at the Coco Bongo.

Other Secondary characters

  • Baby Forthwright (voiced by Frank Welker): Stanley's neighbor's baby. Wore the mask on three occasions: part one of "The Mask is Always Greener on the Other Side", "Baby's Wild Ride", and "Mutiny of the Bounty Hunter".
  • Mayor Mortimer Tilton (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson): the egotistical mayor of Edge City. Though not evident in season one, season two reveals that Mayor Tilton is corrupt (often using the city's budget for elaborate celebrations). In "Goin' for the Green," Mayor Tilton has a nerdy, white assistant (whose name is revealed to be Smedley in the next episode, "Flight as a Feather"). In "Flight as a Feather," it's revealed that Mayor Tilton once dated an exotic dancer named Cookie BaBoom, who crashes his Bavariaville ceremony and threatens to blow herself and the Mayor (to whom she refers as "Mortimer") with two megatons worth of dynamite strapped to her body (which The Mask strips off and makes into a cocktail).
  • Dr. Arthur Newman (voiced by Ben Stein): Stanley's therapist; doesn't believe that Stanley is The Mask (even after Dr. Newman wore the mask and became a supervillain) and thinks "The Mask" is the side of Stanley who wants to be outrageous and impulsive.
  • Mrs. Peenman (voiced by Tress MacNeille): Stanley's loud-mouth landlord; often the butt of The Mask's many practical jokes. In "Mask au Gratin," it's revealed that Mrs. Peenman has a niece who works as an archaeologist.

Other Mask wearers

Stanley Ipkiss is the owner and wearer of The Mask, but there have been others who have worn the Mask (either accidentally or intenionally). Some episodes focus on this aspect; someone gets his/hers hands (or face) on the Mask and Stanley usually tries get it back with difficulty. The other wearers are:

  • Milo: Stanley's dog and one of the main characters. He occasionally wears the mask when Stanley (or someone else) is in trouble. Milo wore the mask in eight episodes (The Mask is Always Greener on the Other Side (Part 2), How Much Is That Dog in the Tin Can?, A Comedy of Eras, Malled, Jurassic Mask, All Hail The Mask, They Came from Within and Up the Creek).
  • Peggy Brandt: Stanley's journalist friend. Peggy wears the mask in Counterfeit Mask. When wearing the mask, she sought to give herself an elaborate and feminine makeover.
  • Baby Forthwright: Stanley's friend's child and a recurring character. When wearing the mask he sometimes does destruction just to get some ice cream. While wearing the mask, baby very briefly teams up with Lonnie the Shark and his goons, but in the end turns against the mobster. He uses a variation of the mask's wedgie antic: putting diapers on everyone who annoys him. Baby wore the mask in three episodes (The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side (Part 1), Baby's Wild Ride and Mutiny of the Bounty Hunters).
  • Dr. Pretorius: The main villain (See Villains section). Pretorius is a unique Mask wearer as he completely managed to retain his personality and consciousness in control, possibly due to him having no inhibitions which the mask releases in the wearer. He tries to kill Stanley and Peggy by eating them, but is defeated after his invention Sister Mask is used against him. Pretorius wore the mask in Sister Mask.
  • Chet Bozzack: See Villains section. Chet wore the mask (or half of it) in Split Personality which was also his only appearance.
  • Fish Guy: See Villains section. When the Fish Guy wears the mask, he becomes Shark Dude, and is more dangerous than his previous form. As Shark Dude, he has super-strength, sprouts wings to fly, and turns his arms into 6 tentacles. He wears the mask in The Good, The Bad, and Fish Guy.
  • Dr. Neumann: Stanley's cynical psychiatrist and a recurring character. Stanley typically goes to see him to talk about his problems and The Mask. Dr. Neumann doesn't believe in The Mask, which he thinks is Stanley's "imaginary friend". However, he later gains the mask from Stanley, who wanted to get rid of it. Neumann tries the mask on and with it on, becomes crazy and psychotic. He also wears a yellow coat and blue pants with sneakers as well as a huge bow tie with the same color scheme as the Mask's tie. While wearing The Mask, Neumann puts Stanley and other people in straitjackets (using their underwear), believing they suffer from an illness called Ipkissia maskosis. He also teams with Pretorius, but is ultimately defeated and separated from the mask after trying to kill Stanley. Neumann wore the mask in Shrink Rap.
  • Evelyn: A shy, quiet woman and Stanley's one-time date. She owns a dog called Esmeralda who is just as shy as she is. Stanley meets her in Edge City Bank and after some encouraging from Charlie he asks her to come to his apartment. Initially unsure, she goes to Stanley's apartment, but the date doesn't go as planned. Evelyn accidentally puts the mask on and becomes Eve, the first female Mask of the show. Unlike Evelyn, Eve is more loud and wears a dress. Eve is also madly in love with Stanley. Evelyn wore the mask in Bride of Pretorius, which was also her only appearance.
  • Government Guy: The tyrannical ruler of Edge City in the future. He wore the mask of the 23rd century, while a time-traveling Stanley wore the mask he brought with him from the 20th century, thus allowing two people to wear the mask at the same time without the Mask being split in two. He is a parody of Ross Perot. Government Guy wore the mask in Future Mask, which was also his only appearance (note the Mask in the future is green due to radiation exposure). Despite wearing the mask he is defeated quite easily by The Mask due to his lack of understanding of the powers it grants.
  • Ace Ventura: Near the end of the two-part crossover "The Aceman Cometh"/"Have Mask, Will Travel".

Episode list

Season one

1 & 2. The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side (Parts 1 & 2): After causing him nothing but trouble, Stanley Ipkiss gets rid of his mask by burying it in quick-drying cement, but must retrieve it to save Peggy and Milo after Pretorius tricks Stanley's friend and coworker, Charlie, into building a "house of tomorrow" and kidnaps them.
3. The Terrible Twos: When Kellaway tries to prove that Stanley is the Mask by handcuffing the two together, Stanley must go to elaborate lengths to get away from the detective when two mutants Putty Thing and Fish Guy (formerly two teenage slackers named Dak and Eddie who irradiated themselves so they can become superheroes) go on the rampage.
4. Baby's Wild Ride: A baby-sitting job turns difficult when the infant acquires the Mask and joins a biker gang with their chief Lonnie The Shark (who is posing as children's show host Barnaby the Dinosaur).
5. Shadow of a Skillit: The youth-stealing Skillit has come to Edge City to steal the souls of Charlie, Peggy, and Milo, and only the Mask can stop him.
6. Sister Mask: Pretorius creates a sister Mask that turns the real Mask into a living puppet in order to use him to steal meteorite fragments with unusual properties.
7. Bride of Pretorius: Stanley dates a shy, quiet girl who works at her bank—and becomes a loud, man-hungry woman when she stumbles upon The Mask. Meanwhile, Pretorious looks for a female companion.
8. Double Reverse: A reverse therapy treatment helps Stanley deprive the Mask of its power by acting like the Mask in his normal state, but when a criminal called Kablamus, capable of exploding and surviving, arrives in the city, Stanley must get the powerless Mask to work once again.
9. Shrink Rap: Stanley rids himself of the mask by giving it to his therapist, Dr. Neuman, who puts it on and starts going on a rampage and joins up with Pretorius, who's planning to nuke the city so he can use the flash of the explosion to photograph an alien race's planet.
10. Martian Mask: FBI agents mistakenly believe The Mask is actually an alien bent on world domination and do everything to capture him, whilst Putty Thing and Fish Guy go on a road trip.
11. Mayor Mask: Frustrated by Edge City's mismanagement, Stanley puts on the Mask hoping he will teach Mayor Tilton a lesson. Instead, The Mask announces his candidacy against Mayor Tilton as the new mayor of Edge City. Though Stanley naturally objects, he is then forced to make sure his alter ego wins the election when he discovers the real Mayor Tilton was captured and that Dr. Pretorius is masquerading as him so he can turn all of Edge City into subjects for toxic waste experiments.
12. How Much Is That Dog in the Tin Can?: Milo puts on The Mask to battle an insane dogcatcher capturing dogs for a (somewhat) sinister purpose. Meanwhile, Walter starts stalking Stanley.
13. All Hallow's Eve: On Halloween night, Skillit escapes from reform school, determined to get revenge on the Mask for making him do homework.
14. Santa Mask: All the villains in Edge City begin disguising themselves as Santa Claus and committing crimes. The Mask must save Christmas by proving Santa's innocence.
15. Split Personality: The Mask breaks in half, resulting in both Stanley and the Mask existing at the same time; unfortunately, with Walter after the Mask and an old high school acquaintance of Stanley's after revenge on Stanley for getting him expelled, the two personalities must work together to piece the mask together.

Season two

16. A Comedy of Eras: The Mask battles a mad female scientist named Chronos who sends The Mask to the future and to the era of the Salem Witch Trials.
17. Goin' for the Green: After being humiliated by the Mask during an unveiling of his latest statue, Mayor Tilton recruits Colonel Beauregard Klaxon, a Southern businessman to create The Edge City Games as a distraction from The Mask's antics, but Colonel Klaxon uses this opportunity to store nuclear waste underneath the stadium where the Edge Games are played.
18. Flight as a Feather: Hours before a Swedish karaoke contest at the Coco Bongo, The Mask loses his lucky fedora feather and races through Edge City to get it—all the while trying to avoid Kellaway and Doyle and a string of eccentric characters, including Mayor Tilton's vengeful ex-girlfriend, a performance artist, an eagle, and Pretorious's goon, Walter.
19. The Good, the Bad and the Fish Guy: Putty Thing and Fish Guy return, but with Fish Guy having acquired the Mask, Stanley must convince Putty Thing to work with him before the whole city is destroyed.
20. Malled: When Lonnie the Shark and his men rob a bank at the mega-mall with Stanley caught in the crossfire, Milo must bring the Mask to Stanley.
21. Channel Surfin': The Mask ends up shifting through various television channels after being trapped inside the TV by a supervillain named Channel Surfer.
22. Mask au Gratin: Stanley is hired to show Mrs. Peenman's niece around Edge City during her visit there—and discovers that Mrs. Peenman's niece has an old amulet which transforms her by the moonlight turning into a monster named Gorgonzola who turns anything and everything into cheese.
23. Jurassic Mask: A machine at the Edge City Museum brings to life three dinosaurs who wreak havoc on the city.
24. You Oughta Be in Pictures: Sly Eastenegger, a famous action movie star, and his director choose Edge City to movie his latest movie, and challenges The Mask into a competition over who will be the next action movie star. Meanwhile, Peggy discovers a nuclear bomb stolen from the U.S. government that Eastenegger is plotting to use in his latest movie.
25. For All Mask-Kind: Stanley is chosen to be the first average man to be sent into space—and The Mask comes along for the ride.
26. Up the Creek: After The Mask steals The Eiffel Tower and Mrs. Peenman uses the apartment as a tourist attraction, Stanley's friend and co-worker, Charlie, invites him to a river rafting trip, where the two become the unwilling grooms to two hillbilly brides.
27. Boogie with the Man: Stanley wishes he was as lucky as The Mask, and meets The Devil (disguised as a man named Bob), who gives Stanley his lucky break—in exchange for his soul.
28. What Goes Around Comes Around: Chronos from "A Comedy of Eras" returns and puts Stanley (and the Mask) in a time loop where Stanley—and the Mask—are doomed to repeat the same half-hour.
29. All Hail the Mask: During a trip to a Pacific island, the Mask encounters a tribe who worship him as a god—and plot to sacrifice him (Stanley Ipkiss) after loosing the mask by a spell the witch doctor casts on him.
30. Power of Suggestion: Stanley gets hypnotized by a magician during Edge City's Fluff Ball, but Kablamus crashes the party just before the hypnotist can reverse the spell, giving Kablamus the perfect opportunity to use Stanley (and the Mask) as his personal slave during the Fluff Parade to get back at Mayor Tilton for not choosing him as the grand marshall.
31. Mr. Mask Goes to Washington: The Mask becomes a Presidential bodyguard after saving The President from getting crushed by a falling chunk of building.
32. Rain of Terror: A disrespected weatherman becomes a supervillain named The Tempest, who attacks the city with the elements—and interrupts the Mask's night out.
33. The Mother of All Hoods: After being humiliated by The Mask on a police reality show, Lieutenant Kellaway tries to prove to the Edge City police force (and his visiting mother) that he is a competent police detective by going on a stakeout to uncover plans to have Mayor Tilton kidnapped.
34. To Bee or Not to Bee: A beekeeper gets transformed into a half-bee/half-human creature who hypnotizes the town into working in his beehive.
35. Love Potion No. 8 ½: Stanley buys a love potion from a gypsy (who wants the Mask after learning that it was a part of her family's magic) and accidentally spills it on his curmudgeonly landlady, Mrs. Peenman—resulting in Stanley (and the Mask) falling in love with her.
36. Cool Hand Mask: The Mask is framed by Pretorious for stealing fund raising money from a Little League team and gets sent to prison. With The Mask incarcerated, Pretorious finally puts his evil plans to rule Edge City to use.
37. Broadway Malady: Andrew Bedwetter, a famous Broadway musical director, creates a musical based on the "Mad Monkey" line of action movies, enraging The Mask. Ipkiss reducing the show's budget and the Mask making a crash appearance at the opening night (which proves to be a success) drives the director to insanity, who uses past enemies of The Mask as stars and goes on a rampage on a giant animatronic monkey.
38. Enquiring Masks Want to Know: Skillit unleashes his "toys" (a gang of mythical creatures) on Edge City, and Peggy Brandt (Stanley's tabloid-writing friend) sees this as an opportunity to further her career.
39. Future Mask: The Mask travels into the future to find the robot who ripped his pants, but soon becomes involved in a war between a megalomaniacal future mayor and a team of rebels over the Mask.
40. Sealed Fate: Stanley is forced to sell Tupperware to pay off a bill (run up by his alter ego, The Mask), but Peggy learns that the company producing the Tupperware is bringing the disgusting leftovers to life.
41. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Green Mask: Lieutenant Kellaway and The Mask die in an explosion caused by a bomb made by The Phony Frenchman (who first appeared in "Up The Creek") and now face a counsel of angels who go over past events to see which one of them will get into Heaven. But when Kellaway unmasked The Mask and reveals once and for all that The Mask is Stanley Ipkiss, the angel counsel also has reveals a horrible secret about themselves as well.
42. Mutiny of the Bounty Hunters: Stanley is once again called upon to babysit his neighbor's baby boy, who runs away in pursuit of the neighbor's pet bird. Meanwhile, Pretorious hires two bounty hunters to help him capture The Mask.
43. Convention of Evil: In this clip show episode, villains from several past episodes (Pretorious, Gorgonzola from "Mask Au Gratin", Lonnie the Shark and his biker gang, "Bob" from "Boogie With The Man", The Tempest, and The Stinger from "To Bee or Not To Bee") hold a convention and discuss the many times The Mask has thwarted their heinous plans.
44. The Green Marine: The Mask is put on trial for his unorthodox actions while serving in the Marines.
45. Counterfeit Mask: Stanley is accused of counterfeiting money after picking up a strange woman's luggage at the airport. Meanwhile, Peggy wears The Mask and fulfills her dream of being glamorous.

Season three

46. Magic: Stanley reunites with his high school crush, Davida Steelmine, who is now working as a magician who uses her powers for criminal activity.
47. Little Big Mask: The Mask creates an anti-aging cream, which makes him (and Stanley) younger by the minute.
48. Fantashtick Voyage: A computer virus infects Milo and Stanley thinks The Mask did it.
49. They Came from Within: The Mask gets sucked into a comic book world, where the characters mistake Lieutenant Kellaway for their archenemy.
50. To Have and Have Snot: Pretorious uses Peggy's phlegm from her cold to create a giant mucus monster that infects the people of Edge City. Unfortunately, Stanley learns that having a cold while wearing the Mask has unpredictable (and ultimately fatal) consequences.
51. Mystery Cruise: Stanley and all of his friends (and enemies) are tricked into boarding a cruise by The Mask in order to celebrate The Mask's birthday. Unfortunately, Pretorius plans to use the ship to test his latest weapon.
52. The Goofalotatots: Stanley meets his favorite cartoon characters, The Goofalotatots (a parody of the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister from Animaniacs), but discovers that they're evil robot duplicates built by Pretorious.
53. When Pigs Ruled the Earth: Peggy and The Mask get sent to a future where pigs rule over man.
54. The Aceman Cometh: Stanley's dog, Milo, is kidnapped by Pretorious and Stanley summons the help of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective (from the movie and animated series of the same name) to find him.

Voice cast

Principal cast

Character Actor
Stanley Ipkiss (a.k.a. The Mask) [[Rob Paulsen


Milo/Baby Forthwright Frank Welker

Supporting cast

Charlie Schumacher Mark L. Taylor
Peggy Brandt Heidi Shannon
Lt. Mitch Kellaway Neil Ross
Doyle Jim Cummings

Recurring cast

Pretorius Tim Curry
Skillit Jason Marsden
Mayor Mortimer Tilton Kevin Michael Richardson
Lonnie the Shark Glenn Shadix
Pete Charlie Adler
Dak (a.k.a. Putty Thing) Cam Clarke
Eddie (a.k.a. Fish Guy) Jeff Bennett
Joe Blow (a.k.a Kablamus) Jim Cummings
Mrs. Francis Forthwright Mary McDonald-Lewis
Dr. Arthur Newman Ben Stein
Mrs. Peenman Tress MacNeille

Home releases


Six VHS volumes of the series were gradually released from 1995 to 1996, all of which are now out of print.

Title Episodes featured
The Mask is Always Greener on the Other Side "The Mask is Always Greener on the Other Side" Parts 1 and 2
Baby's Wild Ride "Baby's Wild Ride" and "The Terrible Twos"
S-s-somebody Stop Me! "Sister Mask" and "Shadow of a Skillit"
Milo Mask "Martian Mask" and "How Much Is That Dog in the Tin Can?"
Mayor Mask (Released only in Australia) "Mayor Mask" and "Double Reverse"
Split Personality (Released only in Australia) "Shrink Rap" and "Split Personality"


Upon the initial DVD release of Son of the Mask, Wal-Mart stores sold an exclusive 2-pack of the movie with two episodes of the animated series. As of 2009, this is the only DVD release of the series and no plans for a full release have been announced.

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