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Uyghur girl
Regions with significant populations
 Kazakhstan 223,100 (2009)
 Uzbekistan 55,220 (2008)
 Kyrgyzstan 49,000 (2009)
 Turkey (Uyghurs in Turkey) 45,800 (2010)
 Saudi Arabia ~50,000 (2013) (Saudi Labor Ministry)
 Syria ~3,500 (2015) (Uyghur Turkistan Islamic Party members plus families in Zanbaqi (الزنبقي) in Jisr al-Shughur)
(Uyghurs in Pakistan)
~1,000 families (2010)
 Russia 3,696 (2010)
 Ukraine 197 (2001)
Sunni Islam
Related ethnic groups
Uzbeks, other Turkic peoples and Tocharians
This article contains Uyghur text. Without the correct software, you may see unjoined letters or other symbols instead of Uyghur script.

The Uyghurs (wee-ger; 维吾尔人) are Chinese Turkic people living mainly in Xinjiang, China. Over 11 million Uyghurs live there, more than any other part of the world. Some Uyghurs seek independence from China.

Uyghurs also live in Beijing, Shanghai and Taoyuan County (Hunan, South-Central China). There are Uyghur diasporic communities in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Mongolia.

They are mainly Muslim and speak Uyghur, a Turkic language. They write in the Uyghur alphabet, which is based on the Arabic alphabet.

Uyghurs were originally from Mongolia and immigrated to Xinjiang during the 8th or 9th centuries AD. There they mixed with local Indo-European people.

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