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Bow Range
Mount Temple.jpg
North face of Mount Temple
Highest point
Peak Mount Temple (Alberta)
Elevation 3,543 m (11,624 ft)
Length 34 km (21 mi) N-S
Width 43 km (27 mi)
Area 717 km2 (277 sq mi)
Bow Range is located in Alberta
Bow Range
Location in Alberta
Country Canada
Range coordinates 51°20′00″N 116°17′00″W / 51.33333°N 116.28333°W / 51.33333; -116.28333
Parent range Canadian Rockies
(Southern Continental Ranges)

The Bow Range is a mountain range of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. The range is named in associated with the Bow River and was officially adopted on March 31, 1917 by the Geographic Board of Canada.

It is a part of the Banff-Lake Louise Core Area of the Southern Continental Ranges, located on the Continental Divide, west of the Bow River valley, in Banff National Park and Kootenay National Park.

The Bow Range covers a surface area of 717 km² (277 mi²), has a length of 34 km (from north to south) and a maximum width of 43 km. The highest peak is Mount Temple, with an elevation of 3,543 m (11,624 ft). The range also covers the Valley of the Ten Peaks, with the tallest of the ten being Mount Hungabee at 3492 metres. The range also has hiking areas such as the Consolation Lakes, Sentinel Pass-Larch Valley, Wenkchenma Pass-Eiffel Lake, the Beehive plain of the Six Glaciers system and Saddle Back Pass.

Peaks and mountains

Peak Height Prominence Easiest route
Mount Temple 3,543 m (11,624 ft) 1,544 m (5,066 ft) Moderate scramble on SW face
Hungabee Mountain 3,492 m (11,457 ft) 987 m (3,238 ft) UIAA III 5.4 on West ridge
Mount Victoria 3,464 m (11,365 ft) 547 m (1,795 ft) UIAA II on SE ridge, South Summit
Deltaform Mountain 3,424 m (11,234 ft) 822 m (2,697 ft) UIAA II 5.5 on NW ridge
Mount Lefroy 3,423 m (11,230 ft) 417 m (1,368 ft) UIAA II on West face
Mount Huber 3,368 m (11,050 ft) 168 m (551 ft)
Mount Biddle 3,320 m (10,892 ft) 731 m (2,398 ft)
Neptuak Mountain 3,241 m (10,633 ft) 151 m (495 ft)
Mount Fay 3,235 m (10,614 ft) 389 m (1,276 ft)
Odaray Mountain 3,137 m (10,292 ft) 627 m (2,057 ft)
Mount Babel 3,101 m (10,174 ft) 200 m (656 ft) UIAA IV 5.10 A1 on East face
Mount Owen 3,083 m (10,115 ft)
Pinnacle Mountain 3,070 m (10,072 ft)
Chimney Peak 3,002 m (9,849 ft) 137 m (449 ft)
Mount Whyte 2,983 m (9,787 ft) 140 m (459 ft) Difficult scramble or Perren Route II 5.6
Mount Niblock 2,976 m (9,764 ft) 142 m (466 ft) Moderate scramble
Mount Bell 2,932 m (9,619 ft) 225 m (738 ft)  
Mount St. Piran 2,649 m (8,691 ft) 187 m (614 ft) Hiking trail
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