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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Tombe du Soldat inconnu
Ceremonial Guard stand watch over Canada's national memorial, The Response, with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the foreground.

Canadian war memorials are buildings, monuments, and statues that commemorate the armed actions in the territory encompassing modern Canada, the role of the Canadian military in conflicts and peacekeeping operations, and Canadians who died or were injured in a war. Much of this military history of Canada is commemorated today with memorials across the country and around the world. Canadian memorials commemorate the sacrifices made as early as the Seven Years' War to the modern day War on Terror. As Newfoundland was a British Dominion until joining Confederation in 1949, there are several monuments in Newfoundland and Labrador and abroad which were dedicated to Newfoundland servicemen and women.

There are currently 6,293 war memorials in Canada registered with the National Inventory of Military Memorials, which is under the Canadian Department of Veterans Affairs. There are also war memorials across the world, some of which are operated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, which are dedicated to Canada as well as the Commonwealth members. There currently are 17 in France, six in Belgium, four in the United Kingdom, two in Afghanistan and in South Korea and one each in Egypt, Hong Kong, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

War memorials in Canada

Colonial period

There exists a number of memorials commemorating events that occurred prior to Canadian Confederation in 1867. In addition to pre-Confederation war memorials, a number of communities in Ontario also have cannons originating from the Crimean War. However, these cannons are war trophies gifted to various communities in Upper Canada after the conflict; and do not serve as a memorial.

Memorial name Image Location Map Notes
Battle Hill Monument Battle Hill NHS.jpg Southwest Middlesex, Ontario 42°59′52″N 79°10′30″W / 42.997895°N 79.174913°W / 42.997895; -79.174913 (Battle Hill Memorial) Commemorates the Battle of Longwoods, fought during the War of 1812.
Battle of Cook's Mill Monument Battle of Cook's Mills monument.jpg Cooks Mill, Ontario 42°59′52″N 79°10′30″W / 42.997895°N 79.174913°W / 42.997895; -79.174913 (Cook's Mill Memorial) Commemorates the Battle of Cook's Mill, fought during the War of 1812.
Battle of Crysler's Farm Monument Memorial, Battle of Crysler's Farm.jpg Morrisburg, Ontario 42°41′39″N 81°42′18″W / 42.69417°N 81.70500°W / 42.69417; -81.70500 (Crysler's Farm Memorial) Dedicated to those who fought and died in the victory at Crysler's Farm.
Battle of Eccles Hill Monument Monument eccles hill invasion fenians.jpg Frelighsburg, Quebec Commemorates the Battle of Eccles Hill, fought during the Fenian raids.
Battle of Lundy's Lane Monument Lundy's Lane Monument.jpg Hamilton, Ontario Dedicated in 1895, the monument commemorates members of the British Army and Canadian militia during the Battle of Lundy's Lane.
Battle of Trois-Rivières Monument Monument de la bataille de Trois-Rivières 02.JPG Trois-Rivières, Quebec Commemorates the British and Canadian soldiers who fought at the Battle of Trois-Rivières during the American Revolutionary War.
British Empire Loyalist Cairn United Empire Loyalist Cairn, Wascana Park, Regina, Saskatchewan.jpg Regina, Saskatchewan Dedicated to American settlers and the United Empire Loyalists who sided with the British during the American Revolutionary War.
Brock's Monument Brock's Monument 2015.JPG Queenston, Ontario 43°09′36.37″N 079°03′10.99″W / 43.1601028°N 79.0530528°W / 43.1601028; -79.0530528 (Brock's Monument) Dedicated to Major General Isaac Brock, one of Canada's heroes of the War of 1812.
Canadian Volunteer Monument FenianMonument-UofTCampusToronto-NorthFace-July5-08.jpg Toronto, Ontario 43°39′45.55″N 079°23′36.01″W / 43.6626528°N 79.3933361°W / 43.6626528; -79.3933361 (Canadian Volunteer Monument) Honours University of Toronto student volunteers who fell during the Battle of Ridgeway Lime Ridge, or died of wounds received in action or from disease contracted in service while defending her frontier in June 1866.
Defence of York Monument Defence of York Monument.jpg Toronto, Ontario 43°38′34″N 079°23′01″W / 43.64278°N 79.38361°W / 43.64278; -79.38361 (Defence of York Monument) In memory of officers, non-commissioned officers and men who were killed or died of wounds defending York (present-day Toronto).
James Wolfe Monument Wolfe memorial.jpg Quebec City, Quebec 46°47′59.81″N 071°13′29.79″W / 46.7999472°N 71.2249417°W / 46.7999472; -71.2249417 (James Wolfe Monument) Dedicated to General James Wolfe, remembered chiefly for his victory over the French, and establishing British rule in Canada.
Liverpool Memorial Cairn Liverpool, Nova Scotia Highlights the role of privateers from the area during the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.
Monument aux Braves Avenue des Braves monument.JPG Quebec City, Quebec Commemorates the Battle of Sainte-Foy, fought during the Seven Years' War.
Peace Arch Peacearch-usside.jpg Surrey, British Columbia 49°0′7.66″N


Monument commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the War of 1812. Situated on the Canada–United States border, the Arch lies between the communities of Surrey, British Columbia, and Blaine Washington.
Royal Navy and Provincial Marine Memorial Kingston, Ontario Dedicated to the officers and seamen of the Royal Navy and the Provincial Marine who served in Lake Ontario during the War of 1812.
Stoney Creek Battlefield Memorial Stoney Creek Battlefield Monument.jpg Hamilton, Ontario 43°12′59.9″N 079°45′59.4″W / 43.216639°N 79.766500°W / 43.216639; -79.766500 (Stoney Creek Battlefield Memorial) Commemorates the victory at the Battle of Stoney Creek, fought during the War of 1812.
Sebastopol Monument Welsford-Parker Monument at the entrance to the Old Burying Ground in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.jpg Halifax, Nova Scotia 44°38′36.67″N 063°34′20.93″W / 44.6435194°N 63.5724806°W / 44.6435194; -63.5724806 (Welsford-Parker Monument) Forth oldest war monument in Canada and the only Crimean War monument in North America.
United Empire Loyalist Memorial Tusket, Nova Scotia Dedicated to the United Empire Loyalists who settled the area during, or after the American Revolutionary War.
Wolfe and Montcalm Obelisk Wolfe and Montcalm Obelisk.jpg Quebec City, Quebec 46°48′40″N 071°12′19″W / 46.81111°N 71.20528°W / 46.81111; -71.20528 (Wolfe and Montcalm Obelisk) Oldest war monument in Canada. Commemorates Louis-Joseph de Montcalm and James Wolfe, the French and British commanders of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.
War of 1812 Monument, Ottawa War of 1812 Monument.jpg Ottawa, Ontario Monument commemorating diverse contributions to the defence of Canada during the War of 1812
War of 1812 Monument, Toronto Couplandart.jpg Toronto, Ontario 43°38′12″N 079°24′00″W / 43.63667°N 79.40000°W / 43.63667; -79.40000 (Monument to the War of 1812) Monument to the Canadian participation in the War of 1812

North-West Rebellion and the Boer War

Memorial name Image Location Map Notes
Boer War Memorial Guerre Boers Montreal.JPG Montreal, Quebec 45°29′58.63″N 073°34′15.44″W / 45.4996194°N 73.5709556°W / 45.4996194; -73.5709556 (Boer War Memorial (Montreal)) Sculpted by George W. Hill
Boer War Memorial Fountain Halifax NS-02385 - Boer War Memorial Fountain (28958953302).jpg Halifax, Nova Scotia Commemorate Canadian combatants during the Second Boer War. Located in the Halifax Public Gardens
Boer War Monument Boer War Memorial at Jackson Park, postcard, 1940s.jpg Windsor, Ontario Unveiled in 1906, the memorial was originally situated next to a post office, and later moved to Jackson Park in 1932.
Central Memorial Park Central Memorial Park, Calgary - R.L. Boyle.png Calgary, Alberta 51°02′28.48″N 114°04′16.00″W / 51.0412444°N 114.0711111°W / 51.0412444; -114.0711111 (Central Memorial Park) The park has a cenotaph, a statue of a First World War soldier and a statue of R.L. Boyle, which is dedicated to all Albertans who served during the Second Boer War.
North-West Rebellion Monument North-West Rebellion Monument.jpg Toronto, Ontario 43°39′42.10″N 079°23′24.23″W / 43.6616944°N 79.3900639°W / 43.6616944; -79.3900639 (North-West Rebellion Monument) Dedicated to those who served with the Canadian army during the North-West Rebellion.
South African War Memorial Province House War Memorial.JPG Halifax, Nova Scotia 44°38′53.86″N 063°34′24.65″W / 44.6482944°N 63.5735139°W / 44.6482944; -63.5735139 (South African War Memorial (Halifax)) Created by Hamilton MacCarthy
South African War Memorial Victoria Park WWI statue06.jpg London, Ontario Commemorates those from Middlesex County, Ontario who served during the Second Boer War. Unveiled in 1912 by the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire; rededicated in 2000.
South African War Memorial Statue to South African War.jpg Ottawa, Ontario 45°25′21.84″N 075°41′31.68″W / 45.4227333°N 75.6921333°W / 45.4227333; -75.6921333 (South African War Memorial and Animals at War) Located in Confederation Park it commemorates the Canadian participation in the Boer War.
South African War Memorial Boer War memorial Quebec City.jpg Quebec City, Quebec Sculpted by Hamilton MacCarthy.
South African War Memorial South African War Memorial Toronto Nov 08.jpg Toronto, Ontario 43°39′04.72″N 079°23′12.49″W / 43.6513111°N 79.3868028°W / 43.6513111; -79.3868028 (South African War Memorial (Toronto)) Commemorates the Canadian participation in the Boer War
Volunteers Monument The Volunteer Monument in Winnipeg Manitoba.JPG Winnipeg, Manitoba Commemorates the members of the 90th Winnipeg Battalion of Rifles during the North-West Rebellion

First and Second World Wars

The war memorial sculptors at work in Canada in the years following the First World War include: Emanuel Hahn, George W. Hill, Frank Norbury, Walter Allward, Hamilton MacCarthy, Coeur de Lion MacCarthy, Alfred Howell, Sydney March, Elizabeth Wyn Wood, Henri Hebert, J. Massey Rhind, Hubert Garnier, Nicholas Pirotton, Charles Adamson, Frances Loring, and Ivor Lewis.

Memorial name Image Location Map Notes
Albert Memorial Bridge Bridgedam.jpg Regina, Saskatchewan 50°26′10.2012″N 104°37′5.3544″W / 50.436167000°N 104.618154000°W / 50.436167000; -104.618154000 Honours Saskatchewan soldiers who died in World War I.
Animals in War Memorial / Les animaux en temps de guerre Animal Memorial2.jpg Ottawa, Ontario 45°25′21.84″N 075°41′31.68″W / 45.4227333°N 75.6921333°W / 45.4227333; -75.6921333 (Animals in War Memorial) A memorial by David Clendining to animals (mainly mules, horse, dogs, pigeons) that have served for Canada in military conflicts since World War I and is located in Confederation Park
Ashburnham Memorial Park Ashburnham Memorial Park.jpg Peterborough, Ontario 44°18′36″N 078°18′10″W / 44.31000°N 78.30278°W / 44.31000; -78.30278 (Ashburnham Memorial Park) Memorial to the men of Peterborough who died in the First World War.
Bronze Angel Bronze Angel - Vancouver - Coeur Lyon MacCarthy.png Montreal, Quebec;
Vancouver, British Columbia (pictured);
Winnipeg, Manitoba
"Bronze Angel", by sculptor, Coeur Lion MacCarthy, war memorial depicts the angel of victory raising up a young soldier to heaven at the moment of his death, 1921 commemorates 1,115 Canadian Pacific Railway employees killed during the First World War erected at the Canadian Pacific Railway stations.
Camp X Memorial CampX.jpg Whitby Ontario 43°51′20.28″N 078°53′00.06″W / 43.8556333°N 78.8833500°W / 43.8556333; -78.8833500 (Camp X Memorial) Honours the men and women of Camp X who served during the Second World War.
CANLOAN Memorial Ottawa, Ontario Dedicated to Canadian military officers loaned to the British Army under the CANLOAN program during the Second World War.
Coronation Park Memorial Coronation Park memorial Toronto 2007.jpg Toronto, Ontario Dedicated to those who served in the Second World War. Erected in 1995 as a part of the 50th anniversary commemorations of the Second World War.
Cremation Memorial Beechwood Cemetery War Memorial.JPG Ottawa, Ontario 45°26′42″N 075°39′57″W / 45.44500°N 75.66583°W / 45.44500; -75.66583 (Cremation Memorial) A sheltered space in the National Cemetery of Canada that honours the memory of Canadian servicemen who died in Canada and the United States and who were cremated.
Cross of Sacrifice Croix du Sacrifice - 01.jpg Quebec City, Quebec 46°48′31.9″N 071°12′43.85″W / 46.808861°N 71.2121806°W / 46.808861; -71.2121806 (Cross of Sacrifice) Dedicated to those who died in the First World War, the Second World War, and the Korean War,
Great War Memorial Great War Memorial Niagara Falls Canada.jpg Niagara Falls, Ontario 43°05′23.81″N 079°04′22.57″W / 43.0899472°N 79.0729361°W / 43.0899472; -79.0729361 (Great War Memorial) Memorial to those who died in the First and Second World Wars.
Halifax Memorial Halifax memorial.jpg Halifax, Nova Scotia 44°37′08.76″N 063°33′55.93″W / 44.6191000°N 63.5655361°W / 44.6191000; -63.5655361 (Halifax Memorial) Dedicated to the Canadian servicemen and women who died at sea during both World Wars and includes the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Merchant Navy and the Canadian Army.
Harbord War Memorials Toronto, Ontario Located on the grounds of Harbord Collegiate Institute, a public secondary school, it includes two sculptures. The first sculpture was erected in 1921 and was dedicated to those who served in the First World War; and a second sculpture dedicated to those who served in the Second World War, completed in 2007.
Law Society of Upper Canada Great War Memorial War Memorial - Great Library, Osgoode Hall - Toronto, Canada - DSC00425.jpg Toronto, Ontario Dedicated to the 115 lawyers and law students of the Law Society of Upper Canada during the First World War. Located in the Great Library of Osgoode Hall.
Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion Memorial Statue at Confederation Garden Court, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 07.jpg Victoria, British Columbia 48°25′14.20″N 123°22′16.66″W / 48.4206111°N 123.3712944°W / 48.4206111; -123.3712944 (Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion Memorial, Victoria) Dedicated to Canadian volunteers of the Mackenzie–Papineau Battalion during the Spanish Civil War.
Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion Memorial Mac-pap monument ottawa.jpg Ottawa, Ontario 45°26′24.61″N 075°41′47.05″W / 45.4401694°N 75.6964028°W / 45.4401694; -75.6964028 (Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion Memorial) Dedicated to Canadian volunteers of the Mackenzie–Papineau Battalion during the Spanish Civil War.
Malvern Memorial Toronto, Ontario Dedicated to the students of Malvern Collegiate Institute that served in the First World War. Malvern Collegiate Institute is a public secondary school.
Memorial Clock Tower Wainwright, Alberta 52°50′00.66″N 110°51′39.76″W / 52.8335167°N 110.8610444°W / 52.8335167; -110.8610444 (Memorial Clock Tower) Dedicated to the local men who fought and died in both World Wars.
Memorial Gates UofSMemorialGates.jpg Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 52°07′45.43″N 106°38′34.05″W / 52.1292861°N 106.6427917°W / 52.1292861; -106.6427917 (Memorial Gates) Military memorial which is a part of the University of Saskatchewan.
Montreal Cenotaph Path to Place du Canada.JPG Montreal, Quebec 45°29′55.03″N 073°34′07.75″W / 45.4986194°N 73.5688194°W / 45.4986194; -73.5688194 (Cenotaph, Montreal) Dedicated to Montrealers who died in the First World War.
Montreal Clock Tower Montreal Clock Tower portrait.JPG Montreal, Quebec 45°30′44.44″N 073°32′44.84″W / 45.5123444°N 73.5457889°W / 45.5123444; -73.5457889 (Montreal Clock Tower) Dedicated to Canadian naval sailors who died during the First World War.
Monument des Braves Shawinigan, Quebec 46°32′22.38″N 072°45′12.85″W / 46.5395500°N 72.7535694°W / 46.5395500; -72.7535694 (Monument des Braves) Commemorates those who died in the First World War, and Second World War
National War Memorial Newfoundland National War Memorial.jpg St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador 47°34′03.28″N 052°42′13.67″W / 47.5675778°N 52.7037972°W / 47.5675778; -52.7037972 (National War Memorial) Memorial for soldiers who served with the Dominion of Newfoundland during the First World War.
Ottawa Memorial Ottawa Memorial Cropped.jpg Ottawa, Ontario 45°26′27.08″N 075°41′45.90″W / 45.4408556°N 75.6960833°W / 45.4408556; -75.6960833 (Ottawa Memorial) Dedicated to missing airmen of the Second World War. Sometimes known as the Commonwealth Air Force Monument.
Peace through Valour Peace Through Valour.jpg Toronto, Ontario Dedicated to members of the Canadian Forces who served in the Italian campaign of the Second World War. The sculpture features a 3D-topographical map of Ortona, site of the Battle of Ortona. Located within the sculpture garden of Nathan Phillips Square.
Renfrew War Memorial Renfrew War Memorial.jpg Renfrew, Ontario 45°28′22.6848″N 76°41′5.6184″W / 45.472968000°N 76.684894000°W / 45.472968000; -76.684894000 Commemorated to residents of Renfrew who served in the First World War and Second World War.
Royal Canadian Naval Association Naval Memorial WWII Navy Memorial in Spencer Smith Park in Burlington, Ontario.jpg Burlington, Ontario Dedicated to members of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Merchant Navy.
Saint-Lambert Cenotaph by Emanuel Hahn Saint-Lambert Cenotaph 2014.jpg Saint-Lambert, Quebec Dedicated to citizens of Saint-Lambert who fought in the First World War
Saskatoon Cenotaph The Saskatoon Cenotaph.jpg Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 52°07′48.8″N 106°39′37.15″W / 52.130222°N 106.6603194°W / 52.130222; -106.6603194 (The Saskatoon Cenotaph) Designed by Francis Henry Portnall (1928), this tall granite plinth incorporating a public clock face is a part of the City Hall Square. though it was originally located in the middle of the intersection of 21st Street and 2nd Avenue
Sherbrooke War Memorial Monument aux braves, Sherbrooke - 5.jpg Sherbrooke, Quebec 45°24′02″N 071°53′29″W / 45.40056°N 71.89139°W / 45.40056; -71.89139 (Sherbrooke War Memorial) Dedicated to citizens of Sherbrooke who fought in the First World War
Soldiers' Tower WWTower-in-university-of-toronto.jpg Toronto, Ontario 43°39′48.78″N 079°23′42.52″W / 43.6635500°N 79.3951444°W / 43.6635500; -79.3951444 (Soldiers' Tower) Commemorates members of the University of Toronto who served in the World Wars.
Victory Square War Memorial Victory Square Vancouver.jpg Vancouver, British Columbia 49°16′55.56″N 123°06′36.72″W / 49.2821000°N 123.1102000°W / 49.2821000; -123.1102000 (Victory Square) Dedicated to Vancouverites who served in the First World War.
Vimy Memorial Bandshell Vimy Memorial Bandshell.jpg Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 52°07′28.24″N 106°39′33.42″W / 52.1245111°N 106.6592833°W / 52.1245111; -106.6592833 (Vimy Memorial Bandshell) The Vimy Memorial Bandshell in Kiwanis Park was built in 1937 to honour the men and women that served in the First World War at the Battle of Vimy Ridge.
War Memorial of Montreal West Montreal West - War Memorial.jpg Montreal, Quebec 45°28′21.00″N 073°36′49.32″W / 45.4725000°N 73.6137000°W / 45.4725000; -73.6137000 (War Memorial of Montreal West) Honours those from the town of Montreal West who died in the First World War

1945 – present

Memorial name Image Location Map Notes
Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial 2012 Remembrance Day, Trenton, Ontario 7952 (8176235815).jpg Trenton, Ontario 25°01′37″N 055°22′15″E / 25.02694°N 55.37083°E / 25.02694; 55.37083 (Camp Mirage Memorial) Commemorates all the Canadian dead in Afghanistan. Originally located in Camp Mirage, United Arab Emirates.
B.C. Afghanistan War Memorial Afghanistan War Memorial in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 05.jpg Victoria, British Columbia Commemorates members of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Public Service of Canada who served during the War in Afghanistan. The memorial was dedicated in September 2017.
Canada Company LAV III Monument Canada Company LAV III Monument Waterloo Ontario right side.jpg Waterloo, Ontario 43°27′51.58″N 080°31′12.29″W / 43.4643278°N 80.5200806°W / 43.4643278; -80.5200806 (Canada Company LAV III Monument) Commemorates members of the Canadian Armed Forces who served during the War in Afghanistan.
Korean War Memorial Wall Korean War Memorial Wall black & white.jpg Brampton, Ontario 43°38′30.58″N 079°44′57.01″W / 43.6418278°N 79.7491694°W / 43.6418278; -79.7491694 (Korean War Memorial Wall) Commemorates those Canadians who served in the Korean War.
Monument to the Canadian Fallen (Korean War Monument) Ottawa, Ontario Sculpted in 2002 by Young Mun Yoo.
The North Wall WindsorCanadianDeadVietnamwar.jpg Windsor, Ontario 42°18′37.36″N 083°04′11.06″W / 42.3103778°N 83.0697389°W / 42.3103778; -83.0697389 (The North Wall) Dedicated to Canadians who volunteered with the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War.
Vietnam Veterans Monument Melocheville, Quebec 45°18′52″N 073°57′40″W / 45.31444°N 73.96111°W / 45.31444; -73.96111 (Vietnam Veterans Monument) Dedicated to Canadians who volunteered with the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War

Generic war memorials

Memorial name Image Location Map Notes
48th Highlanders Memorial War memorial in Queens Park.jpg Toronto, Ontario 43°39.00′057″N 79°23′34.76″W / 43.66583°N 79.3929889°W / 43.66583; -79.3929889 (48th Highlanders Memorial) Dedicated to those who served with the Canadian forces, erected by the 48th Highlanders of Canada.
Bruce Park Cenotaph Bruce Park Cenotaph.JPG Winnipeg, Manitoba 49°52′38.77″N 097°13′34.10″W / 49.8774361°N 97.2261389°W / 49.8774361; -97.2261389 (Bruce Park Cenotaph) Dedicated to the memory of those who died in the First World War, the Second World War, Korea, and to Canadian peacekeepers.
Calgary Soldiers' Memorial Calgary, Alberta 51°03′03″N 114°05′20″W / 51.05083°N 114.08889°W / 51.05083; -114.08889 (Calgary Soldiers' Memorial) Dedicated to Calgarian soldiers who have given their lives in war and military service overseas.
East and West Memorial Buildings The Canadian Phalanx.JPG Ottawa, Ontario 45°25′10″N 75°42′21″W / 45.419517°N 75.70573°W / 45.419517; -75.70573 (East and West Memorial Building) Dedicated to all Canadians who served in war. The building houses the Department of Veteran Affairs.
Flesherton Cenotaph Cenotaph Flesherton Ontario.jpg Flesherton, Ontario 44°15′46.7″N 080°33′05.5″W / 44.262972°N 80.551528°W / 44.262972; -80.551528 (Cenotaph, Flesherton, Ontario) Honouring the local men who enlisted for the First and Second World Wars and did not return.
Garden of the Unforgotten Oshawa War Memorial.jpg Oshawa, Ontario 43°53′39.66″N 078°51′46.07″W / 43.8943500°N 78.8627972°W / 43.8943500; -78.8627972 (Oshawa War Memorial) Dedicated to the servicemen of Oshawa who lost their lives during the First World War, Second World War and the Korean War
Monument aux braves de N.D.G. Montreal, Quebec 45°28′20.89″N 073°36′49.44″W / 45.4724694°N 73.6137333°W / 45.4724694; -73.6137333 (Monument aux braves de N.D.G.) Commemorates the combatants who died during the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War.
National Aboriginal Veterans Monument Aboriginal War Veterans monument.JPG Ottawa, Ontario 45°25′18.04″N 075°41′34.66″W / 45.4216778°N 75.6929611°W / 45.4216778; -75.6929611 (National Aboriginal Veterans Monument) Commemorates the Aboriginal peoples (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) who served with the Canadian forces during armed conflicts.
National Artillery Monument Ottawa, Ontario Dedicated to those killed while serving in the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery. A 25-pounder gun used by the regiment during the Second World War is situated next to the marble memorial.
Next of Kin Memorial Avenue MemorialAvenueSaskatoon.jpg Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 52°08′49.36″N 106°39′29.27″W / 52.1470444°N 106.6581306°W / 52.1470444; -106.6581306 (Next of Kin Memorial Avenue) Memorial for the First World War and ensuing wars.
Old City Hall Cenotaph Toronto Cenotaph.JPG Toronto, Ontario 43°39′07.70″N 079°22′54.21″W / 43.6521389°N 79.3817250°W / 43.6521389; -79.3817250 (Old City Hall Cenotaph) Dedicated to Torontonians who lost their lives during the First World War, Second World War and the Korean War.
Ontario Veterans Memorial Ontario Veterans Memorial.JPG Toronto, Ontario 43°39′40.63″N 079°23′28.04″W / 43.6612861°N 79.3911222°W / 43.6612861; -79.3911222 (Ontario Veterans Memorial) Dedicated to the Canadian military who served from the Fenian raids to the Campaign Against Terror.
Memorial Chamber Memorial Chamber Windows.jpg Ottawa, Ontario 45°25′29.64″N 075°41′59.64″W / 45.4249000°N 75.6999000°W / 45.4249000; -75.6999000 (Memorial Chamber) Located in the Peace Tower, it holds all eight volumes of the Books of Remembrance, recording every Canadian killed in service, from Canada's first overseas campaign, the Nile Expedition, to the present. The eighth book was added to the Memorial Chamber in 2019, commemorating some 1,600 Canadians and First Nation Crown allies who died in service during the War of 1812.
Peacekeeping Monument Reconciliation- The Peacekeeping Monument, Ottawa.jpg Ottawa, Ontario 45°25′43.58″N 075°41′47.49″W / 45.4287722°N 75.6965250°W / 45.4287722; -75.6965250 (Peacekeeping Monument) Commemorates Canadian soldiers who served, or are currently serving in United Nations peacekeeping missions.
Per ardua ad astra Per Ardua Ad Astra University Avenue.jpg Toronto, Ontario 43°39′16.56″N 079°23′17.6″W / 43.6546000°N 79.388222°W / 43.6546000; -79.388222 (Per ardua ad astra) Dedicated to Canadian airmen who fought.
Saskatchewan War Memorial Saskatchewan War Memorial.jpg Regina, Saskatchewan 50°25′58.7568″N 104°37′2.6688″W / 50.432988000°N 104.617408000°W / 50.432988000; -104.617408000 Honours those who died in WWI, WWII, Korean War, military training, peacetime operations, nurses who served, including a plaque honouring Saskatchewan War Brides who married Canadian service men.
Scarborough War Memorial Toronto, Ontario 43°42′08.98″N 079°15′14.03″W / 43.7024944°N 79.2538972°W / 43.7024944; -79.2538972 (Scarborough War Memorial) Commemorating the soldiers from Scarborough who died in World War I, World War II and Korean War.
Regina Cenotaph Victoria park cenotaph.jpg Regina, Saskatchewan 50°26′52.88″N 104°36′44.18″W / 50.4480222°N 104.6122722°W / 50.4480222; -104.6122722 (Cenotaph, Regina) Honour those Regina citizens who served in the First, the Second and the Korean Wars.
The Response – Canadian National War Memorial War Memorial Guards Ottawa.jpg Ottawa, Ontario 45°25′26.53″N 075°41′43.79″W / 45.4240361°N 75.6954972°W / 45.4240361; -75.6954972 ('The Response' – the Canadian National War Memorial) Commemorates the Canadian participation and its soldiers fallen in armed conflict.
Royal Canadian Navy Monument Royal Canadian Navy Monument sail.jpg Ottawa, Ontario 45°25′14.99″N 075°42′37.45″W / 45.4208306°N 75.7104028°W / 45.4208306; -75.7104028 (Royal Canadian Navy Monument) Commemorates the men and women who have served or are serving with the Royal Canadian Navy.
Shaunavon War Memorial Memorial Park, SK.jpg Shaunavon, Saskatchewan 49°38′52.12″N 108°24′23.34″W / 49.6478111°N 108.4064833°W / 49.6478111; -108.4064833 (Shaunavon War Memorial) Designed by Francis Henry Portnall (1926) to honour those citizens who served in the War
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Unknown Soldier.jpg Ottawa, Ontario 45°25′26.53″N 075°41′43.79″W / 45.4240361°N 75.6954972°W / 45.4240361; -75.6954972 (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier) Dedicated to all the unidentified Canadian soldiers and is part of the National War Memorial.
Trenton Cenotaph Trenton Cenotaph.JPG Trenton, Ontario 44°06′01.44″N 077°34′31.44″W / 44.1004000°N 77.5754000°W / 44.1004000; -77.5754000 (Trenton Cenotaph) Dedicated to all Canadians fallen in conflict
Valiants Memorial Valiants memorial west.jpg Ottawa, Ontario 45°25′27.92″N 075°41′42.67″W / 45.4244222°N 75.6951861°W / 45.4244222; -75.6951861 (Valiants Memorial) Commemorating fourteen signal figures from the military history of the country, from French colonial rule, to the Second World War.
London Cenotaph LondonOntarioCenotaph.jpg London, Ontario 42°59′15.66″N 081°14′48.54″W / 42.9876833°N 81.2468167°W / 42.9876833; -81.2468167 (London Cenotaph) Commemorates the local soldiers who died during the First, the Second and the Korean Wars.
Thunder Bay Cenotaph Cenotaph 2006 10 01 04.JPG Thunder Bay, Ontario 48°26′15.9″N 089°13′34.88″W / 48.437750°N 89.2263556°W / 48.437750; -89.2263556 (Port Arthur Cenotaph) Commemorates the local soldiers who died during the First, the Second and the Korean Wars.
Welland-Crowland War Memorial Welland-Crowland War Memorial in Welland Ontario 2.jpg Welland, Ontario 42°59′51″N 079°15′31″W / 42.99750°N 79.25861°W / 42.99750; -79.25861 (Welland-Crowland War Memorial) Designed by Elizabeth Wyn Wood, commemorates not only the war dead but also those who served at home.

War memorials overseas

Memorial name Image Location Map Notes
Canada Memorial Canadian War Memorial - - 1176582.jpg Green Park, London, England 51°30′10.36″N 000°08′33.48″W / 51.5028778°N 0.1426333°W / 51.5028778; -0.1426333 (Canada Memorial) Pays tribute to the nearly one million Canadian men and women who served in the United Kingdom during the First and Second World Wars.

First World War

Memorial name Image Location Map Notes
Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial NLS Haig - War memorial for Newfoundland soldiers.jpg Beaumont-Hamel, Somme, France 50°04′24.80″N 002°38′53.09″E / 50.0735556°N 2.6480806°E / 50.0735556; 2.6480806 (Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial) Commemorating the Royal Newfoundland Regiment's participation in the Battle of the Somme.
Bourlon Wood Memorial Burlon3.JPG Bourlon, France 50°10′24.51″N 003°07′09.14″E / 50.1734750°N 3.1192056°E / 50.1734750; 3.1192056 (Bourlon Wood Memorial) Commemorating the Canadian participation from the Battle of Canal du Nord until the Armistice of 11 November 1918.
Canadian National Vimy Memorial The British Army in North-west Europe 1944-45 BU760.jpg Givenchy-en-Gohelle, France 50°22′46.55″N 002°46′26.36″E / 50.3795972°N 2.7739889°E / 50.3795972; 2.7739889 (Canadian National Vimy Memorial) Canadian Expeditionary Force members killed during the First World War and Canadian soldiers killed or presumed dead in France who have no known grave.
Courcelette Memorial Monument courcelette.JPG Courcelette, France 50°03′15.12″N 002°45′05.19″E / 50.0542000°N 2.7514417°E / 50.0542000; 2.7514417 (Courcelette Memorial) Commemorating the Canadian participation in the Battle of the Somme.
Courtrai Newfoundland Memorial Kortrijk - Courtrai Newfoundland Memorial 1.jpg Courtrai, Belgium 50°50′19.47″N 003°17′06.69″E / 50.8387417°N 3.2851917°E / 50.8387417; 3.2851917 (Courtrai Newfoundland Memorial) Commemorating the actions of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during the Battle of Courtrai.
Dury Memorial Dury1.JPG Dury, France 50°14′02.90″N 002°59′50.12″E / 50.2341389°N 2.9972556°E / 50.2341389; 2.9972556 (Dury Memorial) Commemorating the breaking of the Drocourt-Quéant Line.
Gueudecourt Memorial Gueudecourt (Newfoundland) Memorial.JPG Gueudecourt, France 50°03′54.31″N 002°51′13.24″E / 50.0650861°N 2.8536778°E / 50.0650861; 2.8536778 (Gueudecourt Memorial) Dedicated to the Newfoundlanders who fought during the Battle of Le Transloy.
Hill 62 (Sanctuary Wood) Memorial Hill 62 Memorial.jpg Zonnebeke, Belgium 50°50′03.79″N 002°56′50.08″E / 50.8343861°N 2.9472444°E / 50.8343861; 2.9472444 (Hill 62 Memorial) Commemorating the defence of the Ypres Salient.
Le Quesnel Memorial Le quesnel canadian memorial.JPG Le Quesnel, France 49°46′29.96″N 002°36′33.85″E / 49.7749889°N 2.6094028°E / 49.7749889; 2.6094028 (Le Quesnel Memorial) Commemorating the Canadian participation in the Battle of Amiens.
Masnières Newfoundland Memorial The Newfoundland Masnieres Memorial.JPG Masnières, France 50°07′24.4″N 003°12′42.2″E / 50.123444°N 3.211722°E / 50.123444; 3.211722 (Masnières Newfoundland Memorial) Commemorates the actions of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during the First Battle of Cambrai, of World War I.
Menin Gate Menin Gate.jpg Ypres, Belgium 50°51′07.41″N 002°53′28.55″E / 50.8520583°N 2.8912639°E / 50.8520583; 2.8912639 (Menin Gate) Commemorating the defenders that died in the Ypres Salient and whose graves are unknown.
Monchy-le-Preux Memorial Monchy02.JPG Monchy-le-Preux, France 50°16′14.17″N 002°53′35.95″E / 50.2706028°N 2.8933194°E / 50.2706028; 2.8933194 (Monchy-le-Preux Memorial) Commemorates the Royal Newfoundland's participation during the Battle of Arras.
Passchendaele Memorial Passendale - Crest Farm 4.jpg Passendale, Belgium 50°53′51.89″N 003°00′47.63″E / 50.8977472°N 3.0132306°E / 50.8977472; 3.0132306 (Passchendaele Memorial) the Canadian participation in the Second Battle of Passchendaele.
Saint Julien Memorial Saint Julien Memorial 2007.JPG Ypres, Belgium 50°53′58.65″N 002°56′26.41″E / 50.8996250°N 2.9406694°E / 50.8996250; 2.9406694 (Saint Julien Memorial) Commemorating the Canadian participation in the Second Battle of Ypres.
Portuguese Fireplace The Portuguese Fireplace - - 43995.jpg Lyndhurst, Hampshire, England 50°52′08.36″N 001°37′26.81″W / 50.8689889°N 1.6241139°W / 50.8689889; -1.6241139 (Portuguese Fireplace) Also known as the Canadian Fireplace it commemorates the Canadian Forestry Corps and lumbermen who worked with the Portuguese

Second World War – present

Memorial name Image Location Map Notes
Gapyeong Canada Monument Gapyeong Canada Monument.jpg Gapyeong County, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea 37°52′36.71″N 127°31′48.79″E / 37.8768639°N 127.5302194°E / 37.8768639; 127.5302194 (Gapyeong Canada Monument) Dedicated to the sacrifices made by the Canadian forces during the Korean war, especially at the Battle of Kapyong.
Kandahar Airfield Memorial and Memorial Inuksuk Kandahar, Afghanistan 31°30′21″N 065°50′52″E / 31.50583°N 65.84778°E / 31.50583; 65.84778 (Kandahar Airfield & Inuksuk Memorial) The Airfield Memorial is dedicated to Canadians who have fallen in the War in Afghanistan and the Inuksuk to those Canadians, as well as other coalition members who were killed in fighting in Afghanistan.
Malta Memorial Floriana War Memorial.jpg Floriana, Malta 35°53′40.57″N 014°30′28.27″E / 35.8946028°N 14.5078528°E / 35.8946028; 14.5078528 (Malta Memorial) Dedicated to Commonwealth aircrew (including Canadians) who fought, and lost their lives, in the Mediterranean during the Second World War.
Monument to Canadian Fallen (Korean War Monument) United Nations Memorial Cemetery
Busan, South Korea
35°07′41″N 129°05′49″E / 35.12806°N 129.09694°E / 35.12806; 129.09694 (United Nations Memorial Cemetery) Located where 378 Canadians are buried. An identical monument is in downtown Ottawa.
National Canadian Liberation Monument Nationaal Canadees Bevrijdingsmonument Henk Visch Loolaan Apeldoorn.JPG Apeldoorn, Netherlands Celebrating the liberation of the Netherlands by Canadians, featuring the sculpture Man with Two Hats, identical to one in Ottawa.


The 31 paintings of Canadian War Memorials by F.A. (Tex) Dawson were unveiled just outside Currie Hall in the Mackenzie Building at Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston on Wednesday 7 April 2010. Jack Pike, the chairman of the Royal Military College of Canada Museum's board of directors, said they had found a permanent and appropriate home. "We are delighted to have these paintings," he said in front of the assemblage of paintings, each representing a different memorial in a different setting and different seasons. "These are symbolic of sacrifice and remembrance and they do the whole thing so well."

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