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Guioa acutifolia flowers Kewarra 4470.jpg
Guioa acutifolia, glossy tamarind, flowers and foliage, Kewarra Beach, Cairns, north-eastern Queensland, Australia
Guioa semiglauca Foxground1.jpg
Guioa semiglauca trunks in a stand at Foxground, Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Rosids
Order: Sapindales
Family: Sapindaceae
Subfamily: Sapindoideae
Genus: Guioa
Type species
Guioa lentiscifolia

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Guioa is a genus of about 78 rainforest tree species known to science, which constitute part of the plant family Sapindaceae. They have a wide distribution, ranging from throughout Malesia, in Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra, Philippines, Java, Flores, Timor, Sulawesi, Moluccas, New Guinea, further southwards through the east coast of Queensland and New South Wales, Australia and further eastwards to the Pacific Islands, including Tonga, New Caledonia, Fiji and Samoa.

At global, national and regional government scales, many Guioa species have been threatened with extinction, as officially recognised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and by continental, national and local governments. Twenty five species, or more, have official IUCN global conservation statuses of either "critically endangered", "endangered" or "vulnerable" (to global extinction).

The Australian species are known to the logging industry as cedars, though they have no direct relationship with true cedars or the Australian members of the Meliaceae which are known as cedars.

Selected species

This incomplete listing was sourced from Peter C. van Welzen's 1989 revision of the genus and earlier scientific papers, the Australian Plant Name Index and Australian Plant Census, the Census of Vascular Plants of Papua New Guinea, Flora Malesiana, the Checklist of the vascular indigenous Flora of New Caledonia, Flora Vitiensis (Fiji), and the Flora of Tonga.

  • Guioa acuminata Radlk.
  • Guioa acutifolia Radlk., Glossy tamarind – New Guinea, Moluccas, Qld, Australia
  • Guioa amabilis Kanehira & Hatsusima – Vogelkop Peninsula, New Guinea
  • Guioa aryterifolia Radlk.
  • Guioa asquamosa Welzen – Flores, Timor
  • Guioa bicolor Merr. – Philippines
  • Guioa bijuga (Hiern) Radlk. – Thailand, Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra, Philippines
  • Guioa capillacea A.C.Sm – Fiji endemic
  • Guioa chrysea A.C.Sm – Fiji endemic
  • Guioa comesperma Radlk.
  • Guioa contracta Radlk.
  • Guioa coriacea (Radlk.) Radlk.Lord Howe Island endemic
  • Guioa crenata Radlk. – New Caledonia endemic
  • Guioa crenulata Radlk. – New Caledonia endemic
  • Guioa diplopetala (Hassk.) Radlk. – Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java
  • Guioa discolor Radlk. – Philippines
  • Guioa elliptica Welzen
  • Guioa eriantha Merr. & L.M.Perry
  • Guioa fusca Radlk. – New Caledonia endemic
  • Guioa glauca (Labill.) Radlk. – New Caledonia endemic
    • var. glauca – New Caledonia endemic
    • var. vulgaris Welzen – New Caledonia endemic
  • Guioa gracilis (Pancher & Sebert) Radlk. – New Caledonia endemic
  • Guioa grandifoliola Welzen
  • Guioa hirsuta Welzen – Sulawesi
  • Guioa hospita Radlk. – New Guinea
  • Guioa koelreuteriana (Blanco) Merr. – Borneo, Philippines, New Guinea
  • Guioa lasioneura Radlk. – Qld, Australia
  • Guioa lentiscifolia Cav. – Tonga endemic
  • Guioa malukuensis Welzen – Moluccas
  • Guioa megacarpa Welzen
  • Guioa melanopoda Merr. & L.M.Perry
  • Guioa membranifolia Radlk.
  • Guioa microsepala Radlk. – New Caledonia endemic
  • Guioa misimaensis Welzen – New Guinea
  • Guioa molliuscula Radlk.
  • Guioa montana C.T.White – Qld, Australia
  • Guioa multijuga Welzen
  • Guioa myriadenia Radlk. – Philippines
  • Guioa normanbiensis Welzen
  • Guioa novobritannica Welzen
  • Guioa oligotricha Merr. & L.M.Perry
  • Guioa ovalis Radlk. – New Caledonia
  • Guioa palawanica Welzen – Philippines
  • Guioa parvifoliola Merr. – Philippines
  • Guioa patentinervis Radlk. – Moluccas
  • Guioa pauciflora Radlk.
  • Guioa pectinata Radlk. – New Caledonia endemic
  • Guioa pleuropteris (Blume) Radlk. – Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, E. Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra, Philippines
  • Guioa plurinervis Radlk.
  • Guioa pseudoamabilis Welzen
  • Guioa pteropoda Radlk.
  • Guioa pterorhachis Welzen – Borneo
  • Guioa pubescens (Zoll. & Mor.) Radlk. – W. Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo, Sumatra, Banka, W. Java, Philippines
  • Guioa reticulata Radlk. – Philippines
  • Guioa rhoifolia (A. Gray) Radlk. – Fiji, Samoa
  • Guioa rigidiuscula Radlk.
  • Guioa sarcopterifructa Welzen – Qld, Australia
  • Guioa scalariformis Welzen
  • Guioa semiglauca (F.Muell.) Radlk., Guioa – Qld & NSW, Australia
  • Guioa subsericea Radlk.
  • Guioa sufusana Welzen
  • Guioa truncata Radlk. – Philippines
  • Guioa unguiculata Welzen
  • Guioa venusta Radlk. – W. New Guinea
  • Guioa villosa Radlk. – New Caledonia endemic
  • Guioa waigeoensis Welzen
Formerly included here
  • Guioa dasyantha Radlk.   ⇒  Cnesmocarpon dasyantha (Radlk.) Adema – New Guinea, Australia
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