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Pacific Culture Areas
Three of the major groups of islands in the Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Islands are the islands of the Pacific Ocean. There are about 20,000 or 30,000 of them. Three major groups of islands in the Pacific Ocean are Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia.

Some of these islands can be made by volcanoes or made on coral reefs. The islands made by volcanoes are bigger, and more people can live on them. The islands made on coral reefs are smaller, and fewer people can live on them. One of Oceania's biggest economic advantages are tourism. As many vacationers come to see the wildlife and the beautiful beaches that span the islands. Major countries and territories include Samoa, Hawaii (U.S), Federal States of Micronesia and French Polynesia.

Island countries in the Pacific Ocean, such as Malaysia, Philippines, East Timor, Japan, Taiwan and most of Indonesia are not considered Pacific Islands since they do not lie in any of the three Oceanic regions. People inhabiting those islands, therefore are not Pacific Islanders.

Pacific islands by region


  • List of Antarctic and subantarctic islands


  • List of islands of Asia

North America


South America

  • List of islands of South America
  • List of islands of Chile
  • List of islands of Colombia
  • List of islands of Ecuador
  • List of islands of Peru

By country


Pacific islands of Canada are:


Chilean islands:


Pacific islands of Colombia:

  • Gorgona Island
  • Malpelo Island

Cook Islands

The Cook Islands:


Islands of Ecuador:


Islands of Fiji:

  • Principal islands:
  • Significant outliers:
  • Archipelagos:
    • Kadavu Group
    • Lau Islands
    • Lomaiviti Islands
    • Mamanuca Islands
    • Moala Islands
    • Ringgold Isles
    • Rotuma Group
    • Vanua Levu Group
    • Viti Levu Group
    • Yasawa Islands


Islands of France in the Pacific:


Islands of Kiribati:

Marshall Islands

Islands of the Republic of the Marshall Islands


Islands of Mexico:


Islands of Federated States of Micronesia

New Zealand

Islands of New Zealand, including:


Islands of Palau:

Papua New Guinea

Main islands of Papua New Guinea (see List of islands of Papua New Guinea for more detailed list)

  • Papua New Guinea
    • Bismarck Archipelago
    • North Solomon Islands
      • Bougainville
      • Buka Island
    • Trobriand Islands
      • Kiriwina
    • Woodlark Island
    • D'Entrecasteaux Islands
      • Fergusson Island
      • Goodenough Island
      • Normanby Island (Papua New Guinea)
    • Louisiade Archipelago
    • Daru Island
    • Kiwai Island


  • Samoa (western part of the Samoa Islands)
    • Savai'i
    • Upolu
    • Apolima
    • Manono
    • Nuutele

Solomon Islands

  • Solomon Islands (see also Islands of the Solomon Islands)
    • Bellona
    • Choiseul
    • Florida Island
    • Guadalcanal
    • Malaita
    • Maramasike
    • New Georgia Islands
    • Rennell
    • Russell Islands
    • San Cristobal
    • Santa Cruz Islands
    • Santa Isabel
    • Shortland Islands
    • Sikaiana (Stewart Islands)
    • Tulagi
    • Ulawa
    • Uki


  • Tonga (only main islands or groups, on north-south order. See also complete list of islands in Tonga)


Tuvalu; Islands of Tuvalu

  • Funafuti (atoll of at least 30 islands)
  • Nanumanga (or Nanumaga)
  • Nanumea (atoll of at least 6 islands)
  • Niulakita
  • Niutao
  • Nui (atoll of at least 21 islands)
  • Nukufetau (atoll of at least 33 islands)
  • Nukulaelae (atoll of at least 15 islands)
  • Vaitupu (atoll of at least 9 islands)

United States of America

Pacific islands of United States of America


(For a complete list see List of islands of Vanuatu)

(Approximately from north to south)

  • Torres Islands
  • Banks Islands
    • Gaua (Santa Maria Island)
    • Vanua Lava
  • Espiritu Santo
  • Malo
  • Pentecost Island
  • Ambae (Aoba)
  • Maewo
  • Malakula
  • Ambrym
  • Paama
  • Epi
  • Shepherd Islands
    • Tongoa (Kuwaé)
  • Efate, the Island of the national capital Port Vila
  • Lelepa
  • Tanna
  • Futuna
  • Erromango
  • Aneityum

Other islands

North Pacific Islands:

Eastern Pacific Islands:

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