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Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor by William Halsall (1899)

Capt. John Alden Sr. (c. 1598–1687) was a crew member on the historic 1620 voyage of the Pilgrim ship Mayflower. Rather than return to England with the ship, he stayed at what became Plymouth Colony. He was hired in Southampton, England, as the ship's cooper, responsible for maintaining the ship's barrels.

He served in a number of important government positions such as Assistant Governor, Duxbury Deputy to the General Court of Plymouth, Captain Myles Standish's Duxbury militia company, a member of the Council of War, Treasurer of Plymouth Colony, and Commissioner to Dartmouth. He was a signatory to the Mayflower Compact. Alden married Priscilla Mullins on 12 May 1622. They had ten children. He died on 12 September 1687. John and Priscilla were buried in the Myles Standish Burial Ground in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

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