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Leka, Crown Prince of Albania (5 April 1939 - 30 November 2011), was the only son of King Zog I of Albania. Leka was also called King Leka of Albania, but he was never the ruler of the country.

He was born in Tirana in 1939. Two two days later, the family was forced to leave Albania after Italy invaded the country. When his father died in exile in 1961, Leka was crowned king in a hotel in Paris. He returned to Albania in 1993, but was not allowed to stay in the country. He made a second visit in 1997. The country held a vote to decide whether they wanted to go back to a monarchy or stay as a republic. The country voted for a republic, but Leka said the vote had been changed. His supporters created demonstrations against the government. Several people were killed in the demonstrations. Leka again had to leave Albania.

In 2002 he made an agreement with the government and came back to Tirana. He died in 2011 from heart and lung illness.

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