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Islands of the state of North Dakota
Map of USA ND.svg
Location of North Dakota within the United States.
Location North Dakota
Major islands Grahams Island, Mallard Island
State  North Dakota

The following is the list of islands of North Dakota. North Dakota is a landlocked state in the Upper Midwest. Land takes up 68,994 sq mi (178,690 km2), whereas water accounts for 1,697.52 sq mi (4,396.6 km2). With only 2.4% of the state being water, there are few lakes for islands to be found. Grassland and farm fields cover most of North Dakota, where the average elevation is 1,900 feet (580 m) above sea level. North Dakota has few named islands due to the lack of water bodies. Most islands are found in large reservoirs or the in the Missouri River. Following the damming of the Missouri River, some islands were flooded and ceased to exist. They are still listed, but as historical only. There are other islands in North Dakota, however many are unnamed.

Current Islands

List of named islands of North Dakota. Most islands are found in reservoirs including Lake Metigoshe and Lake Sakakawea, which was formed by damming the Missouri River.

Island Body of Water County Coordinates
Bear Island Lake Metigoshe Bottineau 48°59′38″N 100°21′45″W / 48.9939002°N 100.3623638°W / 48.9939002; -100.3623638 (Bear Island)
Grahams Island Devils Lake Benson, Ramsey 48°03′14″N 99°05′48″W / 48.0538881°N 99.0967958°W / 48.0538881; -99.0967958 (Grahams Island)
Mackay Island Lake Metigoshe Bottineau 48°58′33″N 100°20′51″W / 48.9758434°N 100.3473624°W / 48.9758434; -100.3473624 (Mackay Island)
Mallard Island Lake Sakakawea McLean 47°34′00″N 101°18′45″W / 47.5666658°N 101.3123802°W / 47.5666658; -101.3123802 (Mallard Island)
Masonic Island Lake Metigoshe Bottineau 48°59′07″N 100°20′40″W / 48.9852881°N 100.3443068°W / 48.9852881; -100.3443068 (Masonic Island)
The Island Lake Ibsen Benson 48°15′26″N 99°24′04″W / 48.2572212°N 99.4012459°W / 48.2572212; -99.4012459 (The Island)
Winona Island Lake Oahe Emmons 46°06′35″N 100°36′01″W / 46.1097180°N 100.6004041°W / 46.1097180; -100.6004041 (Winona Island)

Former Islands

List of former islands of North Dakota. These islands are historical and do not exist anymore. They were located in the Missouri River before the water level was raised by the construction of the Oahe Dam and the Garrison Dam by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Island Body of Water County Coordinates
Bear Island Missouri River Williams 48°08′40″N 103°02′07″W / 48.1444668°N 103.0351847°W / 48.1444668; -103.0351847 (Bear Island)
Goldfinch Towhead Missouri River McLean 47°40′50″N 102°15′27″W / 47.6805633°N 102.2573964°W / 47.6805633; -102.2573964 (Goldfinch Towhead)
Gros Ventres Island Missouri River McLean 47°34′26″N 101°04′02″W / 47.5738875°N 101.0670941°W / 47.5738875; -101.0670941 (Gros Ventres Island)
Knifer Towhead Missouri River McKenzie 47°56′18″N 102°37′13″W / 47.9383495°N 102.6201850°W / 47.9383495; -102.6201850 (Knifer Towhead)
Little Bason Island Missouri River McLean 47°30′14″N 101°49′45″W / 47.5038913°N 101.8290600°W / 47.5038913; -101.8290600 (Little Bason Island)
Little Bear Island Missouri River McKenzie 48°08′08″N 102°57′59″W / 48.1355778°N 102.9662955°W / 48.1355778; -102.9662955 (Little Bear Island)
Sibley Island Missouri River Morton 46°43′41″N 100°47′06″W / 46.7280499°N 100.7851273°W / 46.7280499; -100.7851273 (Sibley Island)
Strawberry Island Missouri River Williams 48°07′52″N 102°53′50″W / 48.1311322°N 102.8971289°W / 48.1311322; -102.8971289 (Strawberry Island)
Sunday Island Missouri River Mountrail 47°47′47″N 102°35′29″W / 47.7964013°N 102.5912990°W / 47.7964013; -102.5912990 (Sunday Island)
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